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Certifications and disclosures

Here you will find information on certifications and report, customer feedback, employment and industrial relations, FOI and governance disclosures.

  Certification and reports

The Auditor General has audited the accounts and financial statements of the Department of Transport and provides a report on the findings.

AR_P_Annual_Report_2018_2019_Cert_Financial_Statements.pdf icon Annual Report: Certification of financial statements (2018/2019) Kb
AR_P_Annual_Report_2018_2019_Cert_Key_Performance_Indicators.pdf icon Annual Report: Certification of key performance indicators (2018/2019) Kb
AR_P_Annual_Report_2018_2019_Auditor_General_Report.pdf icon Annual Report: Independent auditor's report (2018/2019) Kb

  Ministerial directives

No Ministerial directives were received during the 2018-19 financial year.

  Other financial disclosures

Pricing policies of services provided

DoT reviews its fees and charges annually to reflect, where legally permissible, full cost recovery in the provision of its services pursuant to the departmental policy for costing and pricing.

The following gazettes contain variations to DoTís fees and charges for the 2018-19 financial year:

  • Western Australia Government Gazette No. 75 dated 25 May 2018
  • Western Australia Government Gazette No. 76 (Special) dated 25 May 2018
  • Western Australia Government Gazette No. 93 dated 22 June 2018

Major capital projects

DoT's major capital projects, those over $5 million, for the 2018-19 financial year are detailed in the table.

Capital projects incomplete

Project Expected year of completion Capital expenditure up to 30 June
$ 000
Estimated capital cost to complete
$ 000
Estimated total capital cost of project
$ 000
On-demand Transport Reform Business System 2020-21 5,868 8,432 14,300
Transforming Bunbury's Waterfront - Stage 2 (Jetty Road) 2019-20 4,886 8,034 12,920

Completed capital projects

Project Year of completion Estimated total capital cost of project
$ 000
Total capital cost of project
$ 000

  Employment and industrial relations

Full-time equivalents (FTE) and headcount as at 30 June 2019

Status Headcount FTE
Permanent full-time 1,059 1,059.00
Permanent part-time 230 152.75
Senior Executive Service 15 15.00
Temporary full-time 136 136.00
Temporary part-time 18 11.68
Total 1,458 1,374.43

  Freedom of information

DoTís Freedom of Information (FOI) Coordinator is the initial contact point for all FOI related matters.

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (the Act), DoT is required to respond to FOI access applications within 45 days of receipt, unless an extension of time is negotiated. The average time to process applications in 2018-19 was 22.2 days.

FOI fees and charges

Fees and charges are set under the Act. Apart from the application fee for non-personal information, all charges are discretionary. Details of fees and charges are listed below.

Application Amount
Personal information about applicant No fee
Application fee (for non-personal information) $30.00
Charge for time taken dealing with the application $30.00 per hour
Charge for access time supervised by staff $30.00 per hour
Charges for photocopying $30.00 per hour for staff time and 20 cents per copy

Rights of review

The Act allows dissatisfied applicants to request an internal review of the initial decision made by DoT. In accordance with Section 40 of the Act, a request for an internal review must be forwarded to the FOI Coordinator, in writing, within 30 days of the date of the initial decision.

Following an internal review, matters remaining in dispute can be submitted to the Office of the Information Commissioner for external review. Such applications must be submitted within 60 days from the date of internal review decision.

No fees or charges apply to internal or external reviews.

FOI statistics for 2018-19

FOI statistics for 2018-19, compared with previous years, are detailed in the table below.

Application Number received
Number received
Number received
Number received
Total received (not including those transferred to another agency). 351 310 274 333
Internal reviews. 15 13 15 10
External reviews. 7 2 5 2
Transferred to another agency. 10 2 9 8
Total 383 327 303 353

  Customer feedback

DoT values customer feedback to assist in delivering excellent service to meet the changing needs of our community.

Customer feedback, including complaints, is managed via the Customer Feedback System (CFS), a fit-for-purpose workflow within Objective Ė DoTís electronic document and record management system (EDRMS).

DoT provides an accessible, fair and equitable complaints handling process in line with the Australian Standard on Complaints Handling (AS ISO 10002-2006).

In 2018-19 the following types of feedback were managed through the CFS:


Feedback type No. received % Received
Complaints (including repeat complaints) 2,128 64.06
Compliments 109 3.28
Feedback and information 1,085 32.66
Total 3,322 100.00

A breakdown of customer feedback received by business unit in 2018-19 is shown below.

Breakdown of feedback by business unit in 2018-19

Business Units Complaints Feedback, information and compliments Total customer feedback Percentage of DoT total complaints
Driver and Vehicle Services 1,805 991 2,796 84.17%
Marine Safety 46 59 105 3.16%
Coastal Infrastructure 10 27 37 1.11%
Regional Services 118 29 147 4.43%
On-demand Transport 128 44 172 5.18%
Other** 21 44 65 1.96%
Total 2,128 1,194 3,322 100.00%

** all other DoT Business Units combined

In 2018-19 there was a significant decrease in the number of complaints received relating to DoTís On-demand Transport business unit. Greater awareness and understanding of the on-demand transport reforms, which are now well underway with Stage 1 implementation complete, could be a contributing factor to this decrease.

There was also a significant decrease in the number of complaints received relating to DoTís Coastal Infrastructure business unit, which could be attributed to an ongoing focus on process and customer service improvements.

In 2018-19 DoT established a Customer Feedback Working Group to identify improvements to policies, processes and systems, including the Feedback Management Policy and supporting procedures, to improve outcomes for customers.

  Governance disclosures

Unauthorised use of credit cards

DoT employees hold corporate credit cards (purchasing cards) where their functions warrant usage of this facility. Despite each cardholder being reminded of their obligations annually under the Departmentís purchasing card policy, 25 employees inadvertently utilised their purchasing cards in their personal capacity in 2018-19. None of these matters was referred for disciplinary action as the Chief Finance Officer noted that the nature of the expenditure was characteristic of an honest mistake.


Number of instances the purchasing card has been used for personal use. 36  
Number of referrals for disciplinary action instigated during the reporting period. Nil  
Aggregate amount of personal use expenditure for the reporting period.   6,106
Aggregate amount of personal use expenditure settled by the due date (within five working days).   547
Aggregate amount of personal use expenditure settled after the period (after five working days).   5,559
Aggregate amount of personal use expenditure outstanding at balance date.   -


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