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Director General's foreword

The Department of Transport's Annual Report for 2018-19 highlights achievements that demonstrate the great work of dedicated staff.

  Director General's foreword

Record State and Federal Government investment in critical road and rail infrastructure across WA during 2018-19, reaffirmed the significance of the projects we deliver and the importance of continuing to work together as a Portfolio and across government.

I am pleased to present the Department of Transport’s (DoT) Annual Report 2018-19.

Underpinning the achievements detailed in this report and those of the Department into the future is our work with our Portfolio partners, the Public Transport Authority (PTA) and Main Roads Western Australia (Main Roads), to plan and deliver transport solutions for the prosperity of our State.

Together, we have made excellent headway on a number of key priorities in 2018-19, ranging from smaller policy, process and customer service improvements to large scale transformational infrastructure, industry reform and service delivery projects – all delivering huge benefits for the community.

Image of Richard Sellers, Director General
Image of Richard Sellers, Director General

Collaboration across the Portfolio partners was boosted in July 2018 when the Portfolio Strategic Projects Office was established. The Office draws expertise from across Portfolio agencies and focuses on progressing strategic programs, including the Public Transport Cost and Demand Optimisation program which aims to increase patronage to maximise the value of the State Government’s METRONET capital investment.

METRONET is a transformational transport and land use planning project and this integrated government approach will deliver a well-connected Perth to create communities with a sense of belonging and support economic growth.

In February 2019, Stage 1 of the on-demand transport reform was successfully introduced marking the most comprehensive overhaul of the industry in the State’s history and representing a new era for passengers and operators through improved services, better safety standards and ultimately, fairer costs.

The Westport Taskforce, which is responsible for producing a plan to guide the State Government on the long-term development of Perth’s freight network, completed Stage 1 of its process by releasing the progress report, Westport: What we have found so far, in December 2018.

DoT also released the draft Revitalising Agricultural Region Freight Strategy in early June to plan for WA’s growing freight challenge and improve agricultural freight efficiencies and productivity. DoT continues to work collaboratively with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development to ensure the strategy delivers stronger regional economies.

During this reporting period, more than $2 million of funding was invested in recreational boating infrastructure projects across the State under the Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme. These projects add to the amenity of communities close to WA’s waterways. In addition, over $1 million in Coastal Adaptation and Protection grant funding was allocated to help to preserve and sustainably manage our coastline.

The first phase of the $12.3 million Jetty Road causeway redevelopment at Casuarina Boat Harbour was completed as part of the Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront project. This aims to create vibrant shorelines and provide infrastructure to stimulate tourism and the local economy. DoT will award contracts for the second stage of the redevelopment in early 2019-20, generating local jobs and opportunities in the building and construction industry.

Regional aviation projects also received close to $7.4 million in Regional Airports Development Scheme funding. The $13.2 million Geraldton Regional Airport runway renewal was one of 18 projects completed around the State in 2018-19.

With the affordability of regional airfares recognised as a key issue for State Government and the community, DoT established the WA Regional Aviation Taskforce in November 2018. This Taskforce oversees the progress in addressing the recommendations from the Parliamentary Inquiry into Regional Airfares in WA, including the review of the State Aviation Strategy.

In another boost for our regions, DoT worked with local government authorities around the State to complete the first four Regional 2050 Cycling Strategies, which provide a clear vision for cycling infrastructure development to benefit the local communities and visitors to these regions. DoT is also working closely with metropolitan local government authorities to develop the Long-Term Cycle Network for Perth and Peel. These strategies will guide future funding allocations through both the Regional and Perth Network Grants Programs. In 2018-19 more than $4 million was invested to design, build and activate local cycling infrastructure in WA.

DoT continued to embrace technology and new ways of working to improve customer convenience and safety. The Learn&Log app was launched to make it easier for learner drivers to record and submit the required minimum 50 hours of supervised driving. DoTDirect reached over 485,000 registrations at the end of this reporting period.

We are always passionate about transforming the way government services are delivered and this has been reinforced with the $6.9 million ServiceWA pilot in Bunbury which will provide a single point of contact for 85 everyday services currently delivered across five agencies.

I am incredibly proud of what the innovative and dedicated teams at DoT and the wider Transport Portfolio have achieved for our customers and the community in 2018-19. I thank them for their hard work and contribution.

Further examples of how the Transport Portfolio is working together to achieve our outcomes are highlighted in the 2018-19 Connecting People and Places publication [PDF - 11MB].

Connecting People and Places also provides an overview of the Transport Portfolio’s operations and the objectives, trends and influences guiding our work.

As Director General, it is a privilege to lead Transport Portfolio, and have the opportunity to showcase some of our achievements over the past 12 months.

I look forward to what I’m sure will be another productive year for transport in WA in 2019-20.

Richard Sellers
Director General - Transport

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