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Disclosures and legal compliance

This section provides information on financial statements, DoT's commitment and investment in staff, key performance indicator reports and policy requirements.

Certifications and disclosures

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Here you will find information on certifications and report, customer feedback, employment and industrial relations, FOI and governance disclosures.

Financial statements

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This page provides downloads for the financial statements, notes, independent auditor's report and certification of the financial statements.

Key performance indicators (KPI)

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Key performance indicators for the year ended 30 June 2019.

Other legal requirements

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Other legal requirements including disability access and inclusion plan, reconciliation action plan and compliance issues.

Government policy requirements

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Government policy requirements including substantive equality, audit and risk management and leave liability management.

Occupational safety, health and injury management

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Occupational health and safety management including workers' compensation and injury management, system audits and training.

Creating a values-driven organisation

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In 2018-19 DoT continued its commitment and investment in helping our people through support, learning and career development programs.

  Annual Report: Download report documents

AR_P_Annual_Report_2018_2019_Full_report.pdf icon Annual Report: Full report (2018/2019) Kb
AR_P_Annual_Report_2018_2019_Excluding_Financials.pdf icon Annual Report: Excluding financials (2018/2019) Kb
AR_P_Annual_Report_2018_2019_Financials_only.pdf icon Annual Report: Financials and notes only (2018/2019) Kb

These publications are available in alternative formats upon request. Contact us to request a copy or submit an enquiry.


Transport Annual Report

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