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Financial statements

This page provides downloads for the financial statements, notes, independent auditor's report and certification of the financial statements.

  Financial statements and supporting notes

The downloads include:

  • Financial statements Independent Auditor's Report.
  • Certification of financial statements.
  • Financials and notes:
    • Statement of Comprehensive Income.
    • Statement of Financial Position.
    • Statement of Changes in Equity.
    • Statement of Cash Flows.
    • Summary of Consolidated Account Appropriations and Income Estimates.
    • Notes to the financial statements.
AR_P_Annual_Report_2018_2019_Financials_only.pdf icon Annual Report: Financials and notes only (2018/2019) Kb
AR_P_Annual_Report_2018_2019_Cert_Financial_Statements.pdf icon Annual Report: Certification of financial statements (2018/2019) Kb
AR_P_Annual_Report_2018_2019_Auditor_General_Report.pdf icon Annual Report: Independent auditor's report (2018/2019) Kb


Transport Annual Report

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