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Key performance indicators (KPI)

Key performance indicators for the year ended 30 June 2019.

KPI Overview


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Key effectiveness and efficiency performance indicators provide a detailed view of DoT services and operations.

Effectiveness KPI: Outcome 1


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Outcome 1: Integrated transport systems that facilitate economic development.

Effectiveness KPI: Outcome 2


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Outcome 2: Vehicles and road users that meet established vehicle standards and driver competencies to deliver safe vehicles and safe drivers.

Effectiveness KPI: Outcome 3


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Outcome 3: An accessible and safe transport system.

Efficiency KPI


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Efficiency key performance indicators are provided for Coastal Infrastructure, Marine Safety, On-demand Transport, Driver and Vehicle Services and Strategic Transport Policy and Integrated Planning.

  Annual Report: Download report documents

AR_P_Annual_Report_2018_2019_Full_report.pdf icon Annual Report: Full report (2018/2019) Kb
AR_P_Annual_Report_2018_2019_Excluding_Financials.pdf icon Annual Report: Excluding financials (2018/2019) Kb
AR_P_Annual_Report_2018_2019_Financials_only.pdf icon Annual Report: Financials and notes only (2018/2019) Kb

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