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Creating a values-driven organisation

In 2018-19 DoT continued its commitment and investment in helping our people through support, learning and career development programs.

  Building capability

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People Managers Program

DoT continued to deliver its People Managers Program to empower managers to effectively lead and manage their people to support the achievement of DoTís strategic objectives.

The engaging and practical program, now in its sixth year; provides participants with the opportunity to obtain a nationally accredited Certificate IV in Leadership and Management.

In 2018-19, 28 people managers completed the program.

In 2019-20, DoT will introduce a choice of electives to ensure learning is aligned to business strategy and to capabilities required by the business. These electives will include project management, change management and data based decision-making.

Portfolio Emerging Leaders Program

The Portfolio Emerging Leaders Program, a collaboration between DoT, the PTA and Main Roads, was introduced to synergise the Portfolioís leadership practices and direction into the future.

The inaugural program was successfully completed by 10 participants from each agency in 2018-19 and will continue throughout 2019-20.

Performance Partnership Program

DoTís Performance Partnership Program (PPP) provides a framework for all employees and people managers to have ongoing discussions about performance objectives, measures and learning and development needs to ensure all employees are set up for success.

DoT continues to build on the success of the program by providing tailored solutions to optimise employee performance and potential. In 2018-19 DoT continued to focus on building capability across the organisation through meaningful conversations, participation and coaching and providing useful and effective feedback.

As at 30 June 2019, the PPP returned the following results:

  • 100 per cent of DoT employees had a performance review in the past six months.
  • 100 per cent of DoT employees have a current Individual Performance Plan.
  • 100 per cent of DoT employees have a current Learning and Development Plan.
  • 98 per cent of DoT employees have been assessed as meeting expectations.

Future Ready Workforce

As the transport industry continues to evolve and our customers become more sophisticated and technology enabled, DoT recognises that the complexity, scale and pace of these changes impacts its workforce.

In 2018-19 DoT embarked on a journey to identify these impacts in relation to the nature of work, workforce capability and composition and achieving strategic outcomes.

DoTís Future Ready Workforce is a program of work that will create a capable, adaptive and responsive workforce for the continued delivery of contemporary customer solutions, transport projects and future driven, sustainable solutions.

The mindset, capabilities and behaviours required to realise a future ready workforce were endorsed by DoTís Corporate Executive and representatives from across the Department were invited to participate in the program to ensure that the resulting outcomes are in line with the business requirements and meet the needs of our community.

The program of work which will deliver projects, systems and processes as enablers of the future ready workforce, will continue to be defined in 2019-20 as DoT explores natural business opportunities to implement the future ready workforce mindset, capabilities and behaviours.

By successfully enabling our people through the Future Ready Workforce program of work, DoT will continue to focus on creating meaningful experiences for its customers.

  Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2016-2020

DoT recognises that a diverse and inclusive workforce helps us understand the needs of our diverse community as we strive to deliver the best transport services and solutions.

DoTís Workforce Diversity Plan 2016-2020 aims to further improve outcomes for employees from diverse groups. The plan outlines initiatives to help raise awareness of the benefits of a diverse workforce and provide opportunities to diversity groups, specifically in relation to the employment and retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people with disability and women in leadership.

In 2018-19, the following was implemented in support of the plan:

  • All DoT employees were encouraged to participate in significant events such as National Reconciliation Week, Disability Awareness Week, Harmony Week, NAIDOC and International Womenís Day.
  • DoT invited Rishelle Hume AM, Manager of Aboriginal Engagement at Chevron and 2016 Western Australian of the Year Aboriginal Award winner, to present the key note speech during NAIDOC Week celebrations and work with DoT to develop its Aboriginal Employment and Engagement Strategy for 2019-20.
  • DoT formed partnerships with two disability employment services providers Edge Employment and VisAbility to increase the visibility of vacancies.
  • DoT brokered a partnership agreement with Job Access, created by the Commonwealth Government as the national hub for workplace and employment information for people with disability, employers and service providers.
  • DoT continued to successfully participate in the Public Sector Commission Aboriginal Traineeship Program, with two trainees completing their Certificate III in Government (Administration).
  • DoT continued to explore opportunities to take on interns through the Autism Academy and Australian Computer Society Foundation and Curtin University.
  • Mandatory Cultural Awareness training continued to be part of the DoT induction and onboarding program. This training helps employees to work more effectively with colleagues and customers from diverse backgrounds. In addition, regional specific Cultural Awareness training is occurring with local providers.
  • Online discrimination and harassment training remained mandatory and was included in the DoT induction and onboarding program to ensure all employees and managers are aware of their obligations in preventing and responding to behaviour of this kind.

  Radar Awards program

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DoTís reward and recognition program, the Radar Awards, continued to build a high performing, values-driven workforce by formally recognising individuals and teams who live the Departmentís values of Clear Direction, Fresh Thinking, Excellent Service and Great People.

In 2018-19 more than 30 nominations were received from employees wishing to recognise their peers for their outstanding contributions and achievements.

  Employee Perception Survey

To continue to improve DoTís culture and employee engagement, the results of the Public Sector Employee Perception Survey informed four specific priority areas for the whole of DoT:

  • Appropriate workplace behaviour;
  • Fair recruitment and promotion;
  • Effective people management; and
  • Effective change management.

A comprehensive suite of strategies including improvements to communication, processes and training continue to be implemented and evaluated to address these priority areas.

In 2018-19 DoT conducted a pulse survey and ran focus groups to gather feedback from employees that will be used to shape future programs.

  Personnel management

Employee experience journey

DoT is proud to put its great people at the core of its business and in 2018-19 embarked on a journey to enhance the employee experience. The process of reviewing and redesigning various phases of the employee lifecycle, from on-boarding to off-boarding, commenced and several focus areas to support employees were identified.

In 2019-20, DoT will continue its employee experience journey by progressing initiatives related to the identified focus areas as well as aligning these to DoTís Future Ready Workforce program of work and investing in relevant tools to support employees.

People technology solutions

DoT continues to utilise people technology solutions to make personnel processes more efficient and effective. SharePoint is utilised to store distinct people data that workflows employment and payroll variation forms through the correct approval pathways before processing, standardising data inputs and saving time.

In 2018-19 an additional six manual personnel processes were mapped to this automated workflow solution and DoT reviewed its future people technology requirements in line with its Future Ready Workforce program of work.

Leave management

Through its values-driven culture and proactive approach to leave management, DoT continued to sustain low leave liability levels in 2018-19, with 85 per cent of employees remaining below the excess leave thresholds.

This assisted DoT to meet the revised Treasury Cap for leave liability of $28.1 million set in January 2019, with DoTís liability at 30 June 2019 at $27.4 million.

DoT will continue to proactively manage its leave liability in line with its commitment to good financial management and employee wellbeing and safety.


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