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This section provides an overview of the DoT including project highlights, executive team, operational structure, performance management and financial summary.

Our purpose, vision and values

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Find out about our Purpose, Vision and Values including clear direction, fresh thinking, excellent service and great people.

Statement of compliance with the Financial Management Act 2006

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Statement of compliance with the Financial Management Act 2006.

Director General's foreword

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The Department of Transport's Annual Report for 2018-19 highlights achievements that demonstrate the great work of dedicated staff.


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Here you can see the highlights of the 2018-19 annual report including projects commenced, completed and new services.

Financial summary

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This page provides a financial summary of operating expenses, income, assets and revenues.

Operational structure

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Here you will find details on the Transport Portfolio and Department of Transport (DoT) operational structures along with changes to DoT in 2018-19.

Executive leadership team

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Find out more about DoT's executive team roles, responsibilities and valuable experience.

Administered legislation

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Find out which Acts the DoT administers and other legislation affecting the functions and operation of the DoT.

Outcome based management framework

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Under an outcome-based management framework, DoT contributes to results based service delivery and building strategic infrastructure to benefit all Western Australians.

Shared responsibilities with other agencies

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Find out more on shared responsibilities with other agencies including integrated transport planning and protecting our coast.

  Annual Report: Download report documents

AR_P_Annual_Report_2018_2019_Full_report.pdf icon Annual Report: Full report (2018/2019) Kb
AR_P_Annual_Report_2018_2019_Excluding_Financials.pdf icon Annual Report: Excluding financials (2018/2019) Kb
AR_P_Annual_Report_2018_2019_Financials_only.pdf icon Annual Report: Financials and notes only (2018/2019) Kb

These publications are available in alternative formats upon request. Contact us to request a copy or submit an enquiry.


Transport Annual Report

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