Shared responsibilities with other agencies

Find out more on shared responsibilities with other agencies including integrated transport planning and protecting our coast.

  Transport planning for Stirling Regional Centre

Image of Stirling Regional Centre map
Image of Stirling Regional Centre map

Since 2014 DoT has worked collaboratively with Main Roads, the Department for Planning, Lands and Heritage, and the City of Stirling to undertake the transport planning for the Stirling Regional Centre. This work supports the land use planning for this important Strategic Activity Centre.

In April 2018, the concept design and cost estimate phase for Stephenson Avenue and associated roads was completed. This milestone will enable the project to move into the implementation phase in 2018-19, with road construction expected to take place over the next three years and land development to follow.

  Facilitating trade through Western Australia's ports

Image of Fremantle Port
Image of Fremantle Port

DoT continued to work collaboratively with Western Australia's five Port Authorities, supporting the development of capital investment proposals and ports strategies to assist in facilitating trade opportunities.

DoT also progressed drafting of the ports' amalgamation legislation, which will bring all Western Australian trading ports under a consistent regulatory regime for the first time in more than 100 years. The amalgamation will deliver better governance of Western Australia's ports and ensure the risks associated with the operations of ports and shipping are managed more effectively.

Image: Fremantle, Western Australia.

  Providing a shared IT service

Image of man working on computer
Image of man working on computer

In 2017-18, DoT continued to maintain a shared ICT infrastructure service with the former Department of Planning, now part of Department of Lands, Planning and Heritage.

This shared arrangement was managed through a Service Level Agreement and continued to realise economies of scale and cost neutrality for the State Government.

Under the agreement, DoT provided operational support as well as project delivery for the Planning systems including the maintenance of software, hardware, disaster recovery systems and plans and system security.

  Planning for improved maritime facilities in Broome

Image of Broome marina
Image of Broome marina

In 2017-18, DoT continued working closely with the Shire of Broome to progress proposed upgrades to boating facilities in Broome.

The proposed upgrades, aimed at improving access and safety, include a $9.73 million upgrade to boat launching facilities at Entrance Point, Town Beach.

DoT also provided technical assistance to the Shire to deliver the planning for the new Broome Marina.

Image: Broome, Western Australia.

  Managing coastal erosion

Image of Dune rehabilitation at Quinns Beach
Image of Dune rehabilitation at Quinns Beach

In 2017-18, DoT continued to actively participate in the Coastal Management Advisory Group (CMAG). The CMAG is an interagency working group chaired by the Department for Planning, Lands and Heritage that provides advice and oversees a whole-of-government approach to the management of coastal erosion and inundation consistent with the State Planning Policy No. 2.6 State Coastal Planning Policy.

Its key outcomes are to provide assessment and planning advice on existing erosion hotspots and high risk areas, and develop a strategy for community education and awareness-raising around coastal hazard risk management and adaptation planning.

The group has membership from a number of State Government agencies with roles in coastal environmental management and planning.

Image: Dune rehabilitation at Quinns Beach.

  Supporting a safe and efficient transport system in the Indian Ocean Territories

Image of Christmas Island
Image of Christmas Island

Following successful negotiations between DoT and the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, a new Service Delivery Agreement was signed in July 2015 by the then Minister for Transport and the Commonwealth Government to provide transport services to the Indian Ocean Territories (IOT) until 30 June 2019.

Through this agreement, DoT supports the delivery of a safe, efficient, effective and equitable transport system in the IOT territories of Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands with the Commonwealth meeting all the costs of the services provided by DoT.

Throughout the year, DoT met regularly with Commonwealth Government officers to discuss operational matters and develop a work plan for the delivery of an expanded range of services.

Image: Christmas Island.

  Delivering Transforming Bunbury's Waterfront with South West Development Commission

Image of Bunbury Waterfront
Image of Bunbury Waterfront

DoT worked closely with the South West Development Commission (the Commission), LandCorp, the City of Bunbury, the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, and the Southern Ports Authority to deliver the Commission's Transforming Bunbury Waterfront project. The project, overseen by the Bunbury Development Committee, aims to create vibrant shorelines for the community and infrastructure to stimulate thriving marine and tourism industries.

In 2017-18 DoT completed the detailed designs for the $10.9 million upgrade of the Jetty Road causeway at Casuarina Boat Harbour. The tender for the first phase of work, which will see about 24,000 tonnes of rock placed for essential improvements to the structure of the causeway, was released in May 2018 with works anticipated to commence in the first quarter of 2018-19.

Image: Transforming Bunbury Waterfront - Casuarina Harbour.

  Constructing a public jetty to support Optus Stadium

Burswood Jetty and the new Matagarup Bridge at the Stadium precinct
Burswood Jetty and the new Matagarup Bridge at the Stadium precinct

In 2017-18, DoT worked alongside portfolio partners the PTA and Main Roads WA, and the Department of Finance's Strategic Projects business unit to construct the Burswood Jetty as part of the transport strategy to support Optus Stadium.

The $5 million jetty was completed in May 2018.

Challenging ground conditions in the form of soft river muds meant a traditional steel piled design was not an option for the 96 metre long jetty. An innovative design solution consisting of floating pontoons braced back to onshore abutments was employed to overcome this as well as fluctuating river levels.

Expressions of interest were sought from commercial operators to secure exclusive use of one of the three berths at the jetty. The successful proponent has since begun offering tourism related cruise packages and event day services from both Fremantle and Barrack St Jetties with the capacity to transfer up to 1,400 Optus Stadium patrons.

As well as providing a new and exciting mode of transport to the stadium precinct, the jetty is available for short term use by commercial operators and the general public all year round and has been designed to accommodate a PTA ferry service if required in the future.

Image: Burswood Jetty and the new Matagarup Bridge at the Stadium precinct.

  Planning for the new Ocean Reef Marina

Image of Ocean Reef Marina
Image of Ocean Reef Marina


In 2017-18, DoT collaborated with LandCorp and the City of Joondalup in planning for the new Ocean Reef Marina. As a member of both the Steering Committee and technical working groups, DoT will continue to work closely with these and other agencies as this world-class development offering boating, tourism and recreational facilities together with retail, commercial and living opportunities is realised in the future.

Image: Ocean Reef Marina.

  Improving motorcyclists' safety

Image of motorbike on regional road
Image of motorbike on regional road

DoT and the Road Safety Commission continue to work together to achieve a shared commitment to provide safe roads for Western Australian drivers.

As part of this commitment DoT is changing the process to obtain a motorcycle licence, which will better prepare R class licence holders.

Motorcyclists are amongst the most vulnerable road users, and in June 2018 DoT and the Road Safety Commission consulted with the public on the future of motorcycle safety in Western Australia.

DoT, together with the Road Safety Commission, WA Police Force and Main Roads WA will review submissions and prepare advice for the Minister with respect to the possible progression of reforms based on community feedback and impact analysis.

  Developing a world-class walking and cycling network

Image of cyclists
Image of cyclists

Each of the Transport Portfolio agencies has a role to play in contributing to the State's cycling network whether it be planning, infrastructure development, construction, maintenance or travel behaviour change. In 2017-18, DoT worked collaboratively with Main Roads WA, PTA and local government to deliver a number of projects with the aim of providing a safe, connected and convenient cycling and walking network for the Western Australian community.

DoT led planning for a long-term, fully integrated cycling network for the Perth and Peel areas, holding workshops with portfolio partners to agree to a draft network of high-quality, safe and comfortable cycling infrastructure along State owned roads and rail corridors. In 2018-19 DoT will commence work with 33 local government authorities to agree on the wider connections that will link Perth's various strategic, secondary, district and specialised activity centres and public transport services.

Detailed design for the long-awaited missing section of the Fremantle Principal Shared Path between Grant Street and Victoria Street Station was also completed in 2017-18, along with the concept for the section from Victoria Street Station to North Fremantle Station. Prioritising the development of this missing link will address safety and accessibility concerns by providing a continuous off-road facility between Perth and Fremantle, reducing the potential for conflict with road traffic and provide a high-quality link to key tourist attractions.


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