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The image above is captured from Emu point
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  • Emu point tide

    Recorded Tide: 0.0

    Metres to

    Residual: 00cm

    Predicted: 0.0m

    Next: Time: Height:
    Low 00:00 0.0
    High 00:00 0.0
    Predicted Tides (Metres)
    Updated 1st Jan 2000 00:00
    Due to technical issues, data is currently incorrect at XXXXXX tide station. The issues are being investigated and the service will be restored as soon as possible.



  • Albany directional graph

  • The significant wave height is the average height of the highest one third of waves recorded. It is often the wave height reported by an experienced observer.

    Albany significant wave height graph

  • The coloured circles indicate the changes in sea and swell direction over time.

    Albany historical wave direction graph

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