Augusta Boat Harbour

The $36.47 million Augusta Boat Harbour was officially opened in November 2014 after almost three years of construction.

About the Augusta Boat Harbour

Augusta Boat Harbour ariel view

The Augusta boat harbour provides the much-needed safe haven for vessels between facilities at Albany to the east, and Busselton, to the north.

This world-class, landmark facility provides commercial and recreational users with appropriate infrastructure to service the region's tourism and commercial fleet with the 2.8 hectares of sheltered water and 5 hectares of land for service facilities including:

  • A four-lane boat launching facility with floating finger jetties.
  • A 50m land-backed service wharf.
  • Forty boat pens for commercial and recreational vessels.
  • Car-and-trailer parking for 160 vehicles.
  • Four fully-serviced land development lots for marine related purposes.
  • Amenities building and pavilion.
  • 24hr closed circuit television security surveillance.

It will also serve as a regional base for sea search and rescue operations, supported by the Augusta airstrip.

There are a number of pens available for annual and casual hiring, and all enquiries can be directed to the Department of Transport's (DoT) Bunbury regional office.

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Use of marina facilities

The following documents provide detailed information on requirements for using the facilities:

MAC_PO_CoastalMarineFacReqs.pdf icon Kb
MAC_G_ElectGasInsurance.pdf icon Kb
MAC_PO_LiveOnboard.pdf icon Kb

Nautical charts and notices to mariners

Nautical charts

In the interest of safe boating, the Department of Transport publishes detailed nautical charts of the Western Australian coastline for use by recreational and local commercial vessels.

Please go to Nautical charts.

Notices to mariners

Notices to Mariners—chart corrections are produced to accompany the nautical charts. They are a means of keeping charts up-to-date with information of a safety or navigational nature.

Please go to Notices to Mariners.

Temporary notices to mariners

Temporary notices to mariners are issued by the Department of Transport to advise mariners of events, works, activities and operations that may affect navigational safety in WA coastal waters and ports.

Please go to current temporary notices to mariners.

  Environmental approvals

Consultations with the WA Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and Commonwealth Department of the Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (now: The Department of the Environment) has led to modifications to the plans for the Augusta Boat Harbour at Flat Rock.

Environmental issues identified include:

  • Potential impact of construction noise and vibration on whales.
  • Loss of seabed habitat.
  • Existence of the rare Kennedia lateritia plant near the proposed site.
MAC-R-AugustaBH-EnvComplianceAssessment2014.pdf icon Kb
MAC-R_AugustaBH-EnvComplianceAssessment2013.pdf icon Kb
MAC-R-AugustaBH-EnvComplianceAssessment2012.pdf icon Kb
MAC-PL-AugustaBH-DesignChanges.pdf icon Kb
MAC-PL-AugustaBH-CurrentConcept.pdf icon Kb
MAC-PL-AugustaBH-MarineNoiseMgmtPlan.pdf icon Kb
MAC-PL-AugustaBH-SREMP.pdf icon Kb
External Link Department of the Environment
External Link Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)

  Coastal data

A range of coastal data is available. Please refer to the following links to the Safety and navigation section of our site:

  Check the weather before you go out on the water

Before actually starting your trip, get the most up to date forecast available.

We recommend that you read the forecast and warning information on the Marine Weather Services page of the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) website. You should also read the Marine Weather Services pamphlet available on their website.

Other sources of weather information are detailed in the next section.

External Link Bureau of Meteorology (BOM): Check the weather before you go out on the water
External Link Bureau of Meteorology (BOM): Terminology
External Link Marine Safety Tasmania: MetEye - Weather forecasting tool from the BOM (video)

  Augusta weather forecast

The Bureau of Meteorology website provides a 7-day forecast online.

External Link Bureau of Meteorology (BOM): Augusta forecast

  Augusta Volunteer Marine & Rescue Group

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C/- Post Office,
Augusta WA 6290
408 907 966 (08) 9758 1278 Email

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