Intense series plates

This vibrant Intense series plates allows six (6) characters in four (4) combination options made up of letters and numbers. The bright characters displayed on a black background are sure to stand out!

  Design and order your 'Intense' plates (online)

Intense plate AB 1990 Intense plate JIM 12 Intense plate AMY 999 Intense plate SEAN 12

Check if your plate characters are available and buy online.

Alternatively you may download an application form and post it, along with a cheque (made payable to the Department of Transport), or take it to your nearest Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or regional Agent.

All plate applications are reviewed for issue prior to final approval. The Director General reserves the right to refuse any plate application, please refer to the information below.

Display your style on your plate with the intense series plates. The intense series displays vibrate plate characters on a black background. The intense series is only available for vehicles or trailers. Not available for motorcycles.

Intense plate fee

Fee type Fee
Intense plates
Intense series licence plates: Aluminium $415.00
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  Design features 'Intense' plates


Intense series plates may consist of:

  • Two (2) letters and four (4) numbers; or
  • Three (3) letters and (2) two numbers; or
  • Three (3) letters and three (3) numbers; or
  • Four (4) letters and (2) numbers.


The Intense series allows you to display your chosen plate characters in one of the nine (9) vibrant colour options.

Intense plate AB1990 Intense plate JIM 12 red Intense plate AMY 999 Intense plate SEAN 12 Intense plate JIM 12 orange Intense plate KP 1978 Intense plate DAMO 12 Intense plate ZAC 123 white Intense plate ZAC 123 yellow

The images displayed are an approximate representation and may vary from the actual plate.


Intense series plates are only available in aluminium.

Available sizes (Intense)

Vehicle type Size type Dimensions Material
Motor vehicle or trailer Normal size 372mm x 134mm Aluminium

  Refusal of plate application

The Chief Executive Officer reserves the right to refuse any plate application.

Grounds for refusal include but are not limited to:

  • Have offensive, sensitive or contentious connotations (for example, sexual, violent, drug related, perverse or racial content).
  • Have negative political or anti law references (for example, gang related names or conflicts with road safety messages).
  • Be likely to incite or promote hatred including but not limited to negative religious or cult references.
  • Be a registered name of a company or business, and the applicant is not the Director of the said company or business for which the plate is requested.
  • Be ambiguous and plate characters not easily identifiable.
  • Be in contravention of any State or Commonwealth Legislation (for example ANZAC, NAVY, RAN, AFC, RAAF).
  • Be a close resemblance of character combinations of an existing registration plate or series of plates.
  • Any of the above in a language other than English or could be read by using a rear view mirror.
  • Make or model of vehicle.

  Fitting plates to your vehicle

Screws are not supplied with plates issued by the Department of Transport.

You will need to organise the removal of the old plates and attachment of the new plates yourself, or arrange for them to be fitted by a car dealership or garage.

Euro Series

As vehicle design specifications vary, plates in the Euro Series are produced without any pre-drilled holes. This allows you to position the holes to suit your vehicle.


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