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Parking management

We are committed to banning vehicle immobilisation (wheel clamping) as a parking control measure and are making the appropriate legislative changes required to provide vehicle owners and land owners with a fair system for parking on private land.

  Vehicle Immobilisation/vehicle removal and detention consultation

Have your say

We welcome your comments on the Statement of Intent which outlines how vehicle immobilisation will be prohibited.

Interstate experience has shown that when vehicle immobilisation is banned, parking owners sometimes turn to having vehicles towed. For this reason, we will also regulate the towing of vehicles parked without authorisation in private parking. 

It is important to note that the proposed regulations do not cover the towing of vehicles from roadsides after they break down or are in crashes. Rather, this is an opportunity to comment on proposals to ban wheel clamping and regulate private parking towing. 

Your comments are important. Changes in this area are being introduced as a result of community concerns, and your input will shape the future directions of this project.   

You can email comments to: 

DVS_P_Statement_of_Intent_vehicle_immobilisation.pdf icon Statement of intent: vehicle immobilisation and vehicle removal and detention Kb


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