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Once you have completed your additional 25 supervised driving hours (following your Practical Driving Assessment) you must pass the Hazard Perception Test (HPT) before you can get your provisional licence.

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You must pass the Hazard Perception Test (HPT) before you can get your provisional licence.

  Holders of a moped R-N class licence

You are not required to sit the Hazard Perception Test in order to obtain a moped R-N class licence.

However, you will need to sit the Hazard Perception Test, and complete all of the necessary steps, if you apply for a licence to drive another vehicle class.

  About the Hazard Perception Test (HPT)

The HPT is a computer-based test featuring a series of video clips of traffic situations. The test will be used to measure your ability to assess road hazards and make safe driving decisions.

The test requires you to respond to each situation by clicking your mouse to indicate when it is safe to commence a manoeuvre or when you should take appropriate action to reduce the risk of an accident.

You do not need extensive computer skills to be able to take the test as on-screen instructions will guide you through the test.

You should read the Hazard Perception Test booklet as it will provide information about the HPT, it also contains important information you need to know to pass the test.

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  Task 1: Sit the Hazard Perception Test

You will need to sit a HPT test at a Driver and Vehicle Services Centre (DVS) or regional agent.

Appointments are not required at metropolitan licensing centres, although HPT tests must commence before .

Appointments may be necessary at regional agencies as business hours vary.

  • If you fail, you cannot attempt the test again on the same day.
    • You will need to attend on another day.
    • You must produce all the required documents again when you return and pay an additional fee.

Computerised Theory Tests and Hazard Perception Tests must be commenced before 3:45 pm at Department of Transport Centres.

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  Task 2: What to do on the day: Hazard Perception Test

Before you sit your first HPT you will need to:

  • Pay a fee
  • Be at least 17 years of age.
  • Have completed your post PDA Log Book with a minimum of 25 hours of supervised driving experience.
  • Bring your entire Learner Guide and Log Book with you.
  • Have allowed a minimum of six months to lapse since completing your PDA.
  • Complete a Hazard Perception Test form.
  • Bring your learner's permit.
  • Present your primary and secondary identification.

Exemptions from completing a HPT

Some communities in Western Australia do not have HPT facilities so an exemption may be granted where it is proven that you live outside a radius of more than 100 kilometres from a HPT location.

If you believe you may be eligible for an exemption, you will be required to complete an Exemption from the Hazard Perception Test form. Once your application has been reviewed you will receive a letter advising you of the decision.

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  Hazard Perception Test simulator (online)

Taking this sample test will give you a taste of the skills you need before taking the real Hazard Perception Test (HPT).

You'll need to demonstrate you know how to:

  1. Overtake other road users safely.
  2. Slow down at the right time.
  3. Turn at an intersection safely and at the right time.
You are driving down the main street of a busy suburb.
There is a cyclist in front of you.
Press 'Play' then press the 'Overtake' button when you think it is safe to overtake.

You are driving along a country road.
There is a hazard in front which you are unsure of.
Press 'Play' then press the 'Brake' button when you think you should brake.

You are at a controlled intersection waiting to turn right.
Press 'Play' then click the 'Turn now' button when it is safe to start the turn.
You are at a controlled intersection waiting to turn right.
Press 'Play' then press the 'pause' button on the video controls when it is safe to start the turn.

  What's next?

Once you have passed your HPT you will be issued with a provisional licence.


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