On-demand transport reform

On-demand transport reforms will create a simpler environment for the industry while reducing red tape.

Customers will be the big winners from reforms to the On-demand transport industry announced by the State Government.

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On-demand transport is a user-oriented form of transport characterised by flexible routing and ad-hoc scheduling of small/medium vehicles operating between pick-up and drop-off locations. It is a critical part of the wider transport system in Western Australia, and ensuring that it has the flexibility to meet the challenges of a growing community is a high priority.

About On-demand transport reform


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The on-demand transport reform will provide more choice and a safe and reliable service for customers, while on-demand transport operators would benefit through a simpler environment in which to provide innovative service.

On-demand Transport Advisory Group


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The On-demand Transport Advisory Group (OdTAG) was convened to provide comment and feedback with respect to on-demand transport reforms.

On-demand Transport Green Paper


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The proliferation of new market entrants and innovative business models has highlighted the inadequacy of existing legislation to allow businesses to adapt to customer demands.

Hardship fund


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The Hardship fund is available to eligible Perth metropolitan taxi plate owners who may be suffering severe financial hardship as a direct result of the industry reforms.

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