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Joining Dealer Online can save time and money in the process of licensing vehicles, benefiting both dealers and clients alike. Find out more about the scheme, how to become a member and the conditions involved.

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  What is Dealer Online?

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Dealer Online provides vehicle dealers with online access through their own PC and available to approved users via the Internet.

This system is specifically designed for the transactions dealers regularly perform, including factory new vehicle licensing (registration) vehicle licence renewals, vehicle transfers and the issue of vehicle licence plates.

Software requirements

  • Dealer Online will not work with Internet Explorer version 6, or lower. Please upgrade your web browser before attempting to access Dealer Online.
  • Please ensure you have an up to date version of Adobe Reader installed on your PC. Adobe Reader will allow you to view and print PDF files and receipts.

  Portable Document Format (PDF)

Many of our forms and documents use the Portable Document Format.

Free PDF reader software (Acrobat Reader) may be downloaded from Adobe ®.


Transport is not responsible for external links and is unable to offer software or computer support.

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  How do you become a member of Dealer Online?

There are a number of ways you can apply to join Dealer Online:

  1. Hold current vehicle dealer licence (issued under the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act) and be in the business of the sale of new or used licensed motor vehicles, trailers or motor bikes.
  2. Be an authorised manufacturer of new trailers.
  3. Vehicle Manufacturer and having approval by the Director General.

The Department of Commerce, Consumer Protection Division provides information detailing how to become a vehicle dealer, including:

  • Types of licenses.
  • Application forms.
  • Fees.
  • Exemptions from holding a licence.
  • Dealer responsibilities.

Dealer organisations that retail new vehicles must be approved under the Bulk Licensing Certification Scheme to be able to license factory new vehicles using Dealer Online.

If access is granted, you will be required to enter into a contract with the Department of Transport for the purposes of the scheme, and comply with the conditions, procedures and requirements of the scheme.

For more information on joining Dealer Online, please contact us by email.

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  Benefits for dealers and their clients

Vehicle dealers in Western Australia can improve their customer service and save time and money by connecting to Dealer Online.

Improved customer service

Dealers who participate in Dealer Online can improve their customer service by:

  • Licensing factory new vehicles for clients who will be able to receive licence documents at the point of sale.
  • Entering details of new owners to the vehicle licence record following the disposal of a licensed vehicle.
  • Keeping vehicles licenses current.
  • Issuing a new set of plates to a licensed vehicle being traded, enabling the original owners to have their licence plates re-issued to the new vehicle, saving them a trip to a Driver and Vehicle Services Centre.
  • Producing a receipt for clients when making payments owed against a vehicle for transfer - saving the customer a trip to a Driver and Vehicle Services Centre.

Dealer benefits

Dealer benefits in joining Dealer Online include:

  • Huge time savings in not having to attend a Driver and Vehicle Services Centre.
  • Access to Driver and Vehicle Services during the hours, Monday to Friday am until pm, plus Saturdays from am until pm.
  • Improved customer service by the ability to immediately license factory new vehicles for clients.
  • The ability to transfer the ownership of a factory new vehicle into the dealer's name without visiting a Driver and Vehicle Services Centre.
  • On-the-spot renewal of vehicle licenses for vehicles licensed to your dealership.
  • The ability to issue a duplicate copy of licence papers for a vehicle that your dealership either currently owns or was last to own.
  • The ability to produce examination fee receipts for certain types of vehicles requiring examination before licensing.

Ongoing support

As part of Dealer Online you will have access to the Department of Transport Phone Support unit. Phone Support staff will provide you with access to a telephone help line during Dealer Online Monday - Friday trading hours.

Transport Dealer Interface staff will:

  • Advise on how to organise the two-day training course (held at the Department's training room in Perth) for dealership staff on how to use the Dealer Online software and licensing procedures.
  • Arrange for the Dealer to have access to the Dealer Online program.
  • Arrange for the supply of licence plates (where applicable) and stationery.


As part of Dealer Online, you are required to:

  • Agree to comply with all the provisions of the scheme.
  • Provide adequate locked security for all licence plates and receipts that you hold pending issue.
  • Ensure the register kept under the provisions of the scheme is correctly maintained.
  • Allow authorised officers appointed by the Executive Director of Driver and Vehicle Services, access to your premises during normal trading hours to conduct random audits of your operations, including stocks of plates and licensing stationery.
  • Provide a computer, a printer, Internet access in accordance with specifications determined by Driver and Vehicle Services.
  • Ensure security of access to the Driver and Vehicle Services Dealer Online computer system.
  • Bank daily monies collected on behalf of Driver and Vehicle Services in accordance with banking procedures.
DVS_P_Statement_Business_Ethics.pdf icon Statement of business ethics (for DVS contractors and suppliers) Kb

  Dealer online training course

The Dealer Online Training Course is delivered to members of the Dealer Online Registration Scheme via two components:

  • Part One: eLearning theory component covering policy and procedure (approximately 2 hours).
  • Part Two: One day of practical training at 2 Tassels Place, Innaloo.

Things you will need to bring to the course:

  • National Police Clearance (no more than 3 months old), and;
  • One form of primary identification.

To apply for Dealer Online training please email the Department of Transport.

Ongoing support

As part of Dealer Online you will have access to the Department of Transport Phone Support unit.

Phone Support staff will provide you with access to a telephone help line during Dealer Online Monday - Friday trading hours.

Transport Dealer Interface staff will:

  • Advise on how to organise the training course for dealership staff (held at the Department's training room at Innaloo, Perth).
  • Advise on how to use the Dealer Online software and licensing procedures.
  • Arrange for the Dealer to have access to the Dealer Online program.
  • Arrange for the supply of licence plates (where applicable) and stationery.

  Moving an unlicensed vehicle

Vehicle dealers who wish to move unlicensed vehicles (e.g. test drive for clients) need to obtain vehicle trade plates.

  Forms commonly used by vehicle dealers

Title Type Size Date
Application for 100% concession: Charitable organisations, code 403 (Form E58) PDF 469 Kb 02-Feb-17
Application for concession: Group Training Scheme organisations (Form E59) PDF 228 Kb 13-Jun-16
Application for Corporate, Fundraising and Local Authority plate series (Form E68) PDF 99 Kb 24-Nov-16
Application for plate remake/transfer (Form E45) PDF 100 Kb 31-Mar-17
Application for refund (Form C2) PDF 142 Kb 28-Mar-17
Application to license a vehicle (Form VL17) PDF 254 Kb 20-Jan-17
Bulk licensing nomination/permit (Form E177) PDF 120 Kb 07-Dec-16
Bulk licensing: New vehicle - vehicle not previously licensed (Form VL1A) PDF 1 Mb 30-May-17
Change in nominated - joint owners (Form E4) PDF 199 Kb 31-Oct-16
Change of vehicle details: Change of engine and/or colour (Form E36) PDF 202 Kb 16-May-16
Commercial goods vehicle licence (CGVL) application (Form E84 - Form 4) PDF 162 Kb 18-Nov-16
Fitment of immobiliser (Form VL191) PDF 150 Kb 08-Nov-16
Licence a vehicle or transfer a vehicle licence. Motor Vehicle Dealers (Form VL12) PDF 150 Kb 22-Nov-16
Lost - stolen number plates (Form VL14) PDF 263 Kb 11-May-17
Minister of religion: Vehicle licence concession application (Form E37) PDF 130 Kb 06-Jan-17
Modification application: Light (production) vehicles (Form) PDF 161 Kb 18-Nov-16
Notification of change of vehicle ownership: Vehicle dealers only (Form MR9B) PDF 403 Kb 22-Nov-16
Occupational vehicle licence concession application (Form E66) PDF 162 Kb 24-Jan-17
Proof of identity for other Driver and Vehicle Services transactions (Not an initial driver's licence or photo card) PDF 180 Kb 02-Feb-17
Proof of identity: Nominated owner - vehicle licence holder (Form VL186) PDF 150 Kb 21-Dec-16
Transfer of right to display optional plates (Form VL176) PDF 282 Kb 24-Nov-16

  Vehicle licence duty calculator (2016/2017)

Driver and Vehicle Services is required by the Duties Act 2008 to collect vehicle licence duty when a vehicle is licensed or its licence is transferred.


Any caravan defined as 'a trailer (including a camper trailer) permanently fitted for human habitation in the course of a journey' is exempt from the payment of Vehicle Licence Duty only. Transfer Fees are still charged as they are a fee that represents a cost recovery for the administration of the licensing system when a change of ownership is processed.

Fees applicable as of 1 July 2016

To display the total vehicle licence duty payable for any vehicle:

  • 1 Select classification of vehicle (light or heavy vehicle, and used/new).
  • 2 Enter the "Dutiable value" of the vehicle in the field below.
  • 3 Click on the "Calculate Fee Payable" button.
Please select type of vehicle

Light vehicles: GVM less than or equal to 4.5 tonnes

Heavy vehicles: GVM greater than 4.5 tonnes

Please enter a non-zero amount for Dutiable value


GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass)

  • The tare/mass weight of a vehicle plus load.
  • Determined by the vehicle manufacturer as the maximum weight that the vehicle can carry.
  • A figure set by the manufacturer and is stamped on the compliance plate of the vehicle (sometimes referred to as GVW or Gross Vehicle Weight).


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