Travel subsidies

Find out about the various travel subsidies and schemes available to students, pensioners and people with a disability. Eligibility information is also available here.

  Pensioner Annual Free Trip Scheme (PAFTS)

If you are a pensioner who lives north of the 26th parallel you are entitled to one return journey by air or coach, per year, to Perth or elsewhere in the South West Land Division.

Refer to the Pensioner free trip scheme page to find out about eligibility and how to apply.

  Student Subsidised Travel Scheme (SSTS)

This subsidy provides travel assistance to primary and tertiary students who live in the defined remote area of Western Australia (refer to map).

Refer to the Student subsidised travel page to find out about eligibility and how to apply.

DOT_M_DRA.pdf icon Defined remote area of Western Australia map Kb

  Taxi Users' Subsidy Scheme (TUSS)

About TUSS and how to apply

This scheme provides reduced fares to people with a severe permanent disability, which prevents them from using public transport services or accessing standard on-demand transport such as taxis, charters or regular passenger transport vehicles e.g. a bus on a regular public transport route or airport shuttle bus.

To be eligible, your application must be endorsed by your doctor and made available for an independent medical expert to assess.

The independent medical expert will be appointed by the Department of Transport and the outcome of the assessment will determine if you are eligible for the TUSS.

For more information, download the application form.

ODT_F_App_TUSS.pdf icon Taxi Users Subsidy Scheme (TUSS): Application form and information Kb

Eligibility for TUSS

Mobility disability

To be granted with the TUSS assistance under this criterion the person needs to use a wheelchair, walking frame or scooter. How the applicant's disability impacts on their functional capacity to use a public transport bus service will also be taken into account.

Applications should include the reason why the person is unable to use a public transport bus service and be supported by medical evidence of their disability, provided by their doctor.

Vision disability

The applicant must be classified as legally blind to be eligible for the TUSS under this criterion. Information supporting the applicant's status as an Ophthalmologist's report or visual acuity readings using the Snellen Scale should be included in your application.

Cognitive or intellectual disability

To be eligible for the TUSS, the applicant must have a severe cognitive impairment/function pertaining to the mental process of comprehension, judgement, memory and reasoning, which affects their ability to plan and independently find their way around the community.


Children under the age of ten (10), unless confined to a wheelchair or scooter are not considered for membership of the TUSS.

Conditions and factors not considered for eligibility:

  • Anti-social behaviour.
  • Vision impairment, but not legally blind.
  • Mobility problems that are episodic, whereby some days are considered bad days.
  • Availability of, or proximity to public transport.
  • Length of journey, having to catch two or more buses.
  • Ability to drive or ownership of a motor vehicle.
  • Social or employment factors.
  • Personal security issues.
  • Income levels.
  • Eligibility for other subsidy or pension schemes.
  • Disability or medical conditions that are short term or expected to improve.

Important: The TUSS is only available to permanent residents of Western Australia. Each application is considered on the severity of the disability and how the applicant's capacity to use public transport is affected.

TUSS member's responsibilities

  • The voucher book and your TUSS member ID card must be given to the driver at the start of the trip. The driver will complete the voucher and stub. DO NOT remove voucher from the book.
  • Only one voucher is to be used per trip while the meter is running, regardless of how many people are in the taxi.
  • Only 15 minutes waiting time can be claimed for each trip, this includes loading and unloading time. Additional waiting time is to be paid by the passenger.
  • TUSS vouchers and your membership ID card are for members use only and cannot be used by any other person.
  • Members must pay their portion of the total fare charged after the TUSS discount has been applied.
  • Members must be travelling in a wheelchair or scooter to be eligible for the 75% subsidy.
  • You must not give drivers blank vouchers or let them keep your voucher book or member ID card after the trip.
  • Multiple vouchers cannot be used for long trips.
  • TUSS vouchers can only be used for a metered fare and note for pre-agreed or contract fares.
  • You must be in the taxi for the trip to use a TUSS voucher.


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