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Have you considered cycling into work rather than taking the car? Or perhaps you would like to cycle into or around Perth to visit the sites. Here you can find all of the information you need to cycle into the CBD Perth metropolitan area.

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  Bicycle parking in the Perth CBD and cycling tips

A range of different parking options in Perth's CBD ensures riders can safely park and lock their bikes.

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  Comprehensive Perth bike maps

Perth bike maps feature the major bicycle infrastructure in the metropolitan area. The maps include information such as the Perth Bicycle Network routes, roads with bike lanes/sealed shoulders, shared paths, bike shops, cycling-friendly road conditions and petrol stations. For more information, view the map legend and information sheets at the end of this section.

Digital versions can be downloaded below. We recommend you avoid printing as they are very large files (up to 5 MB) and may be slow to load. At full size the maps are approximately 81 cm x 61 cm.

Bike map covers
AT_CYC_P_Canning_Armadale_map.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_Cockburn_Rockingham_map.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_bike_map_joondalup.pdf icon Kb
at_CYC_map_PerthFremantle-Stirling.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_MAP_Fremantle_Perth.pdf icon Kb
at_CYC_map_Stirling_Swan.pdf icon Kb
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  Cycling between Perth and Fremantle

The Perth to Fremantle bike route is about 20 km long and connects several town centres including Subiaco, Claremont and Cottesloe. It takes between two to three hours at a leisurely cycling pace.

AT_CYC_MAP_Fremantle_Perth.pdf icon Kb

  Cycling between Perth and Midland

The Perth to Midland bike route is approximately 16 km long and connects several town centres including Maylands, Bayswater, Bassendean and Guildford. It takes between one to two hours at a leisurely cycling pace.

AT_CYC_P_Perth_to_Midland_bike_route_map.pdf icon Kb

  Cycling between Rockingham and Perth

The Rockingham to Perth bike route is about 48 km long and takes approximately five hours to cycle at a leisurely pace. Much of the route is on a high-quality shared path adjacent to the Kwinana Freeway. The route connects many of the stations along the Perth to Mandurah railway line including the Canning Bridge, Bull Creek, Murdoch, Cockburn, Warnbro, Rockingham, Wellard and Kwinana.

AT_P_PerthRockinghamMap.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_Rockingham_to_Perth_bike_route_7rides.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_Rockingham_bike_route_map.pdf icon Kb

  Recreational maps

Below are several maps and guides for recreational cycling around the Perth metropolitan area, including Kings Park, Mandurah, Fremantle, the Swan Valley, Rockingham, around the rivers and along the coast.

AT_CYC_map_Mandurah.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_KingsPark_map.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_MAP_Fremantle_Perth.pdf icon Kb
AT_P_PerthRockinghamMap.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_RideAroundRivers.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_SwanValleySea.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYCLE_P_Rockingham_Perth_Bike_Map.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_SunsetCoastNorthern.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_SunsetCoastSouthern.pdf icon Kb


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