How to catch a taxi

When calling a taxi company, you can either request the next available taxi or that a taxi collects you at a particular time.

  Safety for passengers, especially females

Safety tips to keep in mind when catching taxis:

  • Be mindful of your personal safety at all times, especially if you are female.
  • Ensure the ID picture of the taxi driver matches the actual driver - if it doesn't match, leave the taxi. The taxi driver's ID is normally on the vehicle dashboard or on the windscreen visor.
  • At night sit in the back seat of the taxi on the opposite side of the car to the driver.
  • Note down the taxi's plate number.
  • If you know you are going to be travelling alone, limit your alcohol intake.
  • If you are intoxicated, ensure someone else accompanies you in the taxi.
  • Remember taxi drivers are not required by law to carry intoxicated passengers.
  • Book your taxi through a taxi company.
  • If in Northbridge or Fremantle on a Friday or Saturday night use the supervised taxi ranks.

Report an assault or sexual assault directly to the Police on 131 444

If you think the driver does not match the ID card displayed, or to report conversations or behaviour with sexual overtones, email the following details to the Department of Transport.

  • Taxi ID card number.
  • Taxi plate number.
  • Date, time, location.
  • Description of the driver.
  • Any other details you think are important.
Street address Postal address Telephone Fax Email
    (08) 9218 3635   Email

  Option 1. Call a taxi company

Use a local phone directory, internet, smartphone application or hotel concierge to find a taxi company.

When contacting a taxi company the type of service offered can vary. Typically you can either request the next available taxi or that a taxi collects you at a particular time.

When requesting a taxi to collect you at a particular time, note that most taxi companies release the request to drivers 15 minutes before the time nominated and do not guarantee that a taxi will arrive at the nominated time.

Be sure to check at the time of booking that any special needs or requirements you have, such as wheelchair access, child restraints, a five-seat taxi, assistance with luggage, a qualified tour guide, can be met by the company. Please note that taxi companies are not required to provide these services.

As an alternative to taxis, you may also consider using a Small Charter Vehicle (SCV).

Wheelchair accessible taxis

Two companies offer wheelchair-accessible (or multi-purpose) taxi services:

  • 13 10 08 - Black and White Taxis.
  • 13 13 30 - Swan Taxis.
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Opens in a new window Black and White Taxis
Opens in a new window Swan Taxis
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  Option 2. Go to a taxi rank

Stay safe and comfortable

Security personnel staff taxi ranks on Friday and Saturday nights at:

  • Fremantle: Henderson Street (near the Fremantle Markets): 11:00 pm to 5:00 am.
  • Northbridge: Milligan Street (alongside Rosie O'Grady's): midnight to 4:00 am (Friday) and midnight to 6:00 am (Saturday/Sunday)
  • Perth: 140 William Street: midnight to 4:00 am.

Security personnel also staff the Milligan Street and Fremantle taxi ranks on:

  • New Years eve.
  • New Years night.
  • Australia Day eve.
  • Australia Day night.
  • Labour Day eve.
  • Anzac Day eve.
  • Foundation Day eve.
  • Queens Birthday eve.
  • Christmas eve.
  • Christmas night.

There are also taxi ranks located at:

  • Claremont (Club Bay View and The Claremont).
  • Fremantle (High Street, Mews Road - Harbourside Nightclub).
  • Hillarys Marina (near Bar 120).
  • Leederville (Leederville Hotel).
  • Northbridge (Black Betty's Night Club).
  • Northbridge (Northern side of Francis Street near the corner of William Street).
  • Scarborough (behind the Rendezvous Observation City Hotel).
  • Subiaco (Subiaco Hotel).

Some simple rules

Here are a few simple rules to make catching a taxi a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your driver.

Please always be:

  • Presentable and reasonable.
  • Courteous: Respect your driver and other taxi customers.
  • Patient: There will be delays at peak periods due to high demand.
  • In a well-lit and populated area wherever possible if you're waiting on the street.
  • Sure to program taxi phone numbers into your mobile phone.
  • Be prepared to pay the appropriate fare.

Share a cab with friends

If your friends are travelling in the same direction, share a taxi to save time and money.

Taxi fares

Some surcharges apply during ultra-peak periods.

  Option 3. Hail a cab

You can signal to a driver of a passing taxi - if their taxi roof light is on, it means they are free.

However, if they don't stop, it could be that they are on their way to pick up a passenger that has called through the taxi company.

  Option 4. Contact a taxi driver directly

If you have a taxi driver's contact number, you can call them directly. Many taxi drivers operate their own taxi and will provide you with their number or business card on request.

This is at the discretion of each driver so don't be offended if they don't offer a direct service.

  Respect your cabbie

Abusive or threatening behaviour directed at Taxi Drivers will not be tolerated by the State Government or the Taxi Industry.

We all rely on taxi drivers to get us home safely at night and it is only fair a taxi driver's working environment is safe.

Under the Criminal Code, taxi drivers are viewed and treated as public officers. Anyone who attacks a taxi driver can receive a jail sentence up of up to seven years.

Did you know all Perth metropolitan taxis have security cameras fitted and operating at all times? This means you are being watched from the time you approach the taxi, during your trip and when you are dropped off?

Assaulting a taxi driver or damaging the vehicle is not acceptable, you will be caught and you could go to jail for up to 7 years.

  • Assault a taxi driver and your final stop could be jail.
  • Assault a taxi driver or damage their vehicle and you will be caught.
  • Respect your cabbie.


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