Passenger transport services

An omnibus is a passenger vehicle operating for reward, that is not a taxi. The Department is the regulator of omnibus licensing.

Apply for a licence


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Find out how to apply for a T (taxi) extension on your licence which is needed to carry fare paying passengers in a taxi.

Novelty tour vehicle licences


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This group covers vehicles where it is considered that the nature of vehicle means that a transport-experience is provided to the passenger, such as motorbikes and hot rods.

Private taxi licences


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Private taxis are passenger cars that are capable of carrying fewer than 12 passengers. They must be used solely for charter, with journeys commencing outside of the Perth Taxi Control Area.

Regular passenger transport licence


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A regular passenger transport licence is issued for public passenger services, such as bus services with established pick-up and drop-off points.

Safari licences


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A safari tour and charter licence is issued for vehicles which are to be used for tour and/or charter where some of the route is over unmade or poorly made roads and to locations that may be remote.

Shuttle service licences


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A shuttle provides a regular service to and from two pre-defined points. A number of stops along this route can also be serviced.

Small charter vehicle licences


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Small Charter Vehicles (SCVs) are usually luxury passenger cars of a prescribed standard which can carry fewer than 12 passengers (with the exception of some stretched/modified vehicles). Operating within the Perth Taxi Control Area.

Tour and charter vehicle licences


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This form of licence is available to vehicles that have 12 or more passenger seats and enables the operator to undertake both tours and charters.

Tourism transfer licences


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This category of licence is for a passenger transfer (not charter) using a vehicle with less than 12 passenger seats where the transport provided is part of a tourism business. Tourism must be the primary purpose of the business.

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