Cycling studies and research

To ensure we are working towards providing world-class cycling facilities and policy the Department of Transport often participates in studies and research with the assistance of local, national and international experts.

The Hovenring Eindhoven Photo: Chris Keulen

  2017 Adriaan Kok tour

About the report

In October 2017, the Department of Transport hosted world-renowned bridge designer, Adriaan Kok as part of an eight-week Australian tour.

Adriaan is best known for his work on the Hovenring, an iconic circular bridge in Eindhoven but has 17 years of experience designing bridges and other iconic structures for ipv Delft.

The Department was presented with an opportunity to host Adriaan for three days during his tour, and put together an extensive itinerary in order to maximise the opportunity for the State.

While in Perth, Adriaan met with a number of industry and government stakeholders where he was able to provide input and guidance on the current approach used to design pedestrian and cycling bridges as well as ideas for future infrastructure in Perth.

This document provides a summary of Adriaan's visit to Perth and the outcomes and activities that resulted.

AT_CYC_P_Adriaan_Kok_Australian_Tour.pdf icon Adriaan Kok Australian Tour (2017) Kb
AT_CYC_P_Cycling_Hovenring_Experience_Presentation.pdf icon The Hovenring experience - Presentation Kb

  2015 Cycling Imagineering Workshop

About the report

Following on from the 2014 Netherlands Cycling Study Tour, two Dutch planning and design experts visited Perth to attend a workshop that explored innovative cycling solutions for Western Australia.


During March 2015, the Department of Transport (DoT) and the RAC hosted a visit by two Dutch Planning and Design experts for the purpose of exploring innovative cycling solutions for WA. The visit originated from a cycling study tour of the Netherlands in 2014 in which DoT participated.

The two visiting Dutch experts were:

  • Martijn J. te Lintelo (City of Nijmegen - Local Government).
  • Arie Vijfhuizen (Royal Haskoning DHV - Private Sector).

The visit consisted of three planning days and a full day Imagineering Workshop with 140 stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds. The aim of the workshop was to explore what could be developed beyond current standards, guidelines and policies to improve safety and connectivity. The workshop had a focus on five key areas based on real examples:

  • Local Roads.
  • Arterial Roads.
  • Connections to Schools.
  • Connection to rail stations and hospitals.
  • Roundabouts.

This report outlines the ideas from each focus area and an action list for the next two years.

An Imagineering Workshop for Industry was also held for the visiting experts to present their background and approach to cycling. The presentations are below.

AT_P_Cycling_imagineering_workshop_report.pdf icon Cycling Imagineering Workshop Report (2015) Kb
AT_P_Presentation_Intersections.pdf icon Presentation: Busy arterials - intersections Kb
AT_P_Presentation_MartijnJteLintelo.pdf icon Presentation: Cycling, the Dutch context Kb
AT_P_Presentation_Think_bike.pdf icon Presentation: Thinkbike Workshop Australia Kb
AT_P_Presentation_Roundabouts.pdf icon Presentation: Workshop Roundabouts Australia Kb
External Link Media statement 18/6/15: Cycling ideas set to become a reality

  2014 Netherlands cycling study tour

About the report

In September 2014, an Australian delegation of transport industry leaders travelled to the Netherlands for a cycling study tour.

The tour was fully guided by the Dutch government and provided a great variety of cycling examples that have led to cycling being embraced as a major transport mode with much social, health, economic and environmental benefits.


The report presents the findings and reflections from a tour by an Australian Delegation to the Netherlands that had a primary focus on active transport. The tour was arranged by the Cycling Promotion Fund and the Dutch government (though the Dutch Embassy in Sydney).

The delegation consisted of a range of transport professionals and advocates that have the passion to drive innovation in active transport within Australia by taking an open set of eyes and an open mind to what is possible in the short, medium and long term.

This report provides a summary of the key findings and learning's applicable to Australia.

AT_CYC_P_2014_NetherlandsCyclingStudyTourReport.pdf icon Netherlands cycling study tour (2014) Kb
AT_CYC_P_NLCyclingInfluentialsStudy.pdf icon Netherlands 2014 Influentials Study: presentation Kb

  2014 Netherlands cycling study tour (image gallery)

  Cycling influentials program Netherlands (video)

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