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District series plates

District series number plates have shire specific characters that can be issued to persons who reside within that district.

  About district series plates

District plate sample
District plate sample

District series number plates have shire specific characters set by Driver and Vehicle Services. You cannot order specific district series number plates. The plates are issued for general use and are manufactured on demand in large quantities in an ascending alpha/numeric series similar to the State series plates.

District series plates are manufactured in numerical sequence with a district identifier as a prefix.

  • For example, 'MH' for Mandurah.

The old style district plates were issued in black characters on either a white or yellow background. Plates are now issued on the blue and white 'Brand WA' format.

These plates can be issued to motor vehicles, trailers and motorcycles owned by persons who reside in that district.

All district series plates remain the property of the Director General. It is an offence under the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012 for a person to fail to return the number plates on demand.

  District series plate examples

District plate sample
District plate sample

When a vehicle is licensed at a regional Agent or regional Driver and Vehicle Services Centre in the name of a person who resides in that district, it is issued with a set of number plates. The plates that are issued are generally district series plates or state series plates unless a set of optional plates have been purchased.

Examples of district series plates are:

  • Broome: BM0000 - BM9999
  • Three Springs: TS000 - TS999

  Remake of district series plates

District series plates can be remade in any of the below colour combinations:

  • Black on white
  • Black on yellow
  • Brand WA format

Please refer to Replace lost/stolen number plates for information on how to remake your district series plate or if you have had your district series plates lost or stolen.

  Retaining district series plates

At the time of surrendering, a person can request to have their district series plates retained at a Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or regional agent for re-issue on another vehicle. A plate fee will occur when re-issuing the plates onto another vehicle.

Please note that retained district series plates can only be re-issued onto a vehicle owned by the same person or to a member of the owner's immediate family upon completion of a State/district plate transfer; immediate family form.


District series plates will be destroyed unless a person requests for them to be retained at the time of surrendering.

LBU_F_VL_E45_AppPlateRemakeTfr.pdf icon Application for plate remake/transfer (Form E45) Kb

  Moving retained plates from one DVS centre to another

Persons who have number plates retained at a Driver and Vehicle Service Centre or regional Agent can have the plates transferred to another DVS Centre or regional Agent at their request.

Please telephone the Driver and Vehicle Services contact centre on 13 11 56 to arrange this.

  Transferring or swapping district series plates

District series plates may be swapped in the following circumstances:

  • Between two vehicles owned by the same person.
  • To a vehicle owned by an immediate family member.

You can transfer your district series plates to an immediate family member (spouse, parent, child or sibling). A fee is applicable for this transaction (see Plate fees below).

A state/district plate transfer; immediate family form must be completed if the plates are to be transferred to a vehicle licensed in the name of an immediate family member.

See Sell or transfer plates on how to do this.

LBU_F_VL_E45_AppPlateRemakeTfr.pdf icon Application for plate remake/transfer (Form E45) Kb

  Fitting plates to your vehicle

Screws are not supplied with plates issued by DoT.

You will need to organise the removal of the old plates and attachment of the new plates yourself, or arrange for them to be fitted by a car dealership or garage.

When a bicycle rack, wheelchair carrier or other device is fitted to the towbar of the vehicle and it or the load obscures the visibility of the rear number plate, an auxiliary plate should be securely affixed in an upright position parallel to the vehicle axles, no higher than the vehicle roof line so that it is clearly visible to the rear. Auxiliary plates are manufactured with mounting holes and slots pre-drilled to assist with options to affix the plate to the carrier or load.

What do I do with my auxiliary plate when I am not displaying it on my vehicle?

We suggest you keep your auxiliary plate in a safe and secure location when not in use.

What happens if I lose my auxiliary plate or it is stolen or damaged?

Where an auxiliary plate is lost, stolen or damaged but the existing vehicle number plates are intact you can apply and pay for a new auxiliary plate through your DoTDirect online account.

If the existing vehicle number plates have been lost, stolen or damaged then standard replacement processes apply. Refer to Replace lost/stolen or damaged number plates

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