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  Notice 2019 - 67: Guildford Road Bridge maintenance works

Swan River, Guildford Road Bridge

Mariners are advised that bridge structure maintenance works are scheduled to take place at the Guildford Road Bridge, Swan River.

These works will take place for approximately 2 weeks commencing 13 May 2019. Works will be conducted during daylight hours using a non-motorised 7x3 metre work barge and 3.1 metre support craft. Warning signage will be attached to the barge and operators can be contacted via UHF radio channel 21.

Location: Guildford Road Bridge upper Swan River

Chart reference: DoT WA 898 Swan and Canning Rivers

All vessels will display lights and shapes in accordance with the Prevention of Collisions at Sea Regulations 1983.

Mariners are advised to exercise caution when transiting the area and keep well clear of the above operations.

Mark Briant, Manager, Navigational Safety and Moorings, Marine Safety, Department of Transport.

  • Start date: 13/05/2019
  • End date: 24/05/2019
  • Issued: 16/05/2019

  Notice 2018-160: Closure of Applecross Jetty

Applecross Jetty

Mariners are advised that the Applecross Jetty (adjacent to Fraser Road, Applecross) has been closed due to damage.

Access to Applecross Jetty will remain closed until the end of June 2019.

Power to the jetty has been switched off and the jetty structure and end of jetty light will remain unlit during the above period.

Mariners are advised to keep well clear of the Applecross Jetty when transiting the area during the above period.

Mark Briant, Manager, Navigational Safety, Marine Safety, Department of Transport.

  • Start date:
  • End date: 30/06/2018.
  • Issued: 15/11/2018.

  Notice 2018-53: Closure of waters to boating and swimming, Matagarup Bridge Swan River

Swan River Pedestrian Bridge (Matagarup Bridge), Burswood to East Perth

Mariners are advised that from 30 July 2018 the existing river closures will be varied to allow unrestricted vessel traffic upstream and downstream under the Matagarup Bridge, Swan River through a marked lit temporary navigational channel.

For safety of continued operations, closures will still apply outside of the temporary navigational channel whilst works to remove the rock revetments are underway.

In accordance with Section 66 of the Western Australian Marine Act 1982 and Regulation 10A of the Navigable Waters Regulations 1958 I hereby vary the previous order and close the following area of navigable waters to all vessels and swimming from 30 July 2018 until further notice.

Closure area

All the waters of the Swan River within 50 metres upstream and within 50 metres downstream of the Matagarup Bridge, excluding;

  • Waters within the temporary marked and lit navigational channel for vessel access upstream and downstream of the Matagarup Bridge, and;
  • Bonafide vessels associated with the Matagarup Bridge works and any other vessels approved by the Department of Transport to enter the closure area.

All vessels using the temporary navigational channel to navigate through the Matagarup Bridge must not enter the closure area above and must exit the channel directly after transiting.

For further information please contact Main Roads Customer Information Centre on 138 138, email enquiries@mainroads.wa.gov.au or visit the Main Roads website.

Mariners are advised to keep well clear of the above operations and reduce wash when transiting past the works area at all times.

Authorised by: Christopher J Mather Director, Waterways Safety Management, Marine Safety Department of Transport

  • Start date: 30/07/2018.
  • End date: Until further notice.
  • Issued: 28/03/2018.
  • Amended: 30/07/2018.

  Notice 2018-20: Compulsory pilotage requirements, Port of Perth

Port of Perth

Vessel masters are reminded that all vessels wishing to transit or operate within the port limit which either:

  1. Have a LOA of 35 meters or greater; or
  2. Are engaged in towing operations where the total length of the tow (measured from the bow of the towing vessel to the stern of the towed vessel) is 35 metres or greater.

Are required to engage the services of a suitably licensed marine pilot or the vessel Master must be the holder of a current Port of Perth Pilot Exemption Certificate.

Vessels, vessel Masters or operators of vessels affected by this requirement are invited to approach the Department of Transport Harbour Masters office at port.ops@transport.wa.gov.au to apply for a Pilot Exemption Certificate to be issued.

Authorised by: Captain Steven Wenban, Harbour Master, Port of Perth, Marine Safety Department of Transport.

  • Start date: 08/02/2018
  • End date:
  • Issued: 08/02/2018

  Notice 2015-138: Sea plane operations, Perth Water

Perth Water, Swan River

Mariners are advised of daylight sea plane operations, including landing and take-off activities, in Perth Water.

The landing and take-off areas (depending on wind conditions) are south of Riverside Drive channel and east of the Mends Street channel.

Chart reference: DoT Chart WA - 898 'Swan and Canning River'.

Mariners are advised to navigate with caution when transiting the above area and be aware of sea plane activity in this location.

Authorised by: Christopher R Mather, A/Manager, Navigational Safety Marine Safety Department of Transport.

  • Start date:
  • End date:
  • Issued: 23/09/2015.

  Notice 2014-157: Southern span navigation, Fremantle traffic bridge

Swan River, Fremantle traffic bridge

Mariners are advised that large vessels may at times navigate downstream through the southern span of the Fremantle Traffic Bridge against the flow of traffic. This may occur whilst access through the Central and Northern navigable spans are restricted due to tidal influences or closures due to ongoing works.

Mariners are advised to keep a safe speed and lookout, and navigate with caution when transiting upstream through the southern span of the Fremantle Traffic Bridge.

Authorised by: Mark Briant Manager, Navigational Safety Marine Safety Department of Transport.

  • Issued: 22/08/2014.

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