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  Notice 2014-218: Jetty debris, Esperance Tanker Jetty

Esperance Bay and surrounding waters

Mariners and swimmers are advised that debris from the Esperance Tanker Jetty (including large timber pylons) may be adrift within Esperance Bay and surrounding waters.

Mariners are also advised that due to safety concerns:

The adjacent Esperance Bay water ski area to the north of the Tanker Jetty has been revoked until further notice.

Boating and swimming is prohibited within 50 metres of the northern and southern sides of the Esperance Tanker Jetty (including within those waters directly under it), extending from the shore to the commencement of the existing dive area at the seaward end of the Tanker Jetty.

Alternative ski areas are available at Woody Lake and Lake Qualliup. The dive area at the seaward end of the Tanker Jetty will remain open to diving.

Please report any sightings to the Port of Esperance, the Shire of Esperance or the Department of Transport - Esperance office (08 9076 2103).

Chart Reference: RAN Chart AUS119 - Approaches to Esperance.

Mariners are advised to navigate with caution.

Authorised by: Mark Briant Manager, Navigational Safety, Marine Safety Department of Transport.

  • Issued: 17/12/2014.
  • Amended: 31/10/2017

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