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  Notice 2017-91: Changes to compulsory pilotage, Port of Yampi Sound

Port of Yampi Sound

Mariners are advised that as of 16 September 2017 the threshold for compulsory pilotage within the Port of Yampi Sound will change from 500GT to 35 metres Length Overall (LOA).

From this date onwards all vessels 35 metres LOA or greater wishing to transit or operate within the port limits will be required to engage the services of a suitably licensed marine pilot or the vessel Master must be the holder of a current Port of Yampi Sound Pilot Exemption Certificate.

Vessels, vessel Masters or operators of vessels affected by this requirement are invited to approach the Department of Transport Harbour Masters office at to apply for a Pilot Exemption Certificate to be issued.

Chart reference:

  • Chart AUS 40 - Yampi Sound.

Authorised by: Capt. Steven Wenban Harbour Master, Port of Yampi Sound, Marine Safety Department of Transport.

  • Start date: 16/09/2017
  • End date:
  • Issued: 11/08/2017.

  Notice 2015-60: Restricted access, Koolan Island mine site

Koolan Island mine site

Mariners are advised that access to the Koolan Island mine site is restricted due to navigation and marine safety dangers.

  • Location: 16 8.05's, 123 44.03'e.
  • Chart Reference: Chart AUS40.

For further details please contact Mt Gibson Iron on mobile: 0434 738 012.

Mariners are advised to navigate with caution in the area and are requested to keep a minimum of 500 metres away from the area.

Authorised by: Capt. Steven Wenban, Harbour Master, Port Yampi Sound.

  • End date: Until further notice.
  • Issued: 17/03/2015.

  Notice 2014-52: Navigational hazard mooring buoy, Cockatoo Island, Port of Yampi Sound

Port of Yampi Sound, Cockatoo Island

Mariners are advised that a mooring buoy has been installed in Cockatoo Island at the following location and will remain in place until further notice. As plotted on AUS Chart 41, Datum WGS84, Printed 24 October 2008.

  • Latitude: 16 6.04'S Longitude: 123 36.618'E.

The buoy replaced the previous Dolphin 1A at Cockatoo wharf. The anchor blocks of the buoy are set on shore and the mooring buoy is marked with two flotation buoys.

Mariners are advised to navigate with caution when transiting the area.

Authorised by: Capt. Mark Gooderham, Harbour Master, Port Yampi Sound.

  • Start date: 05/12/2013.
  • End date: Until further notice.
  • Issued: 12/02/2014.

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