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  Notice 2018-70: Kalbarri Entrance Outer Port Buoy, intermittently submerged

Entrance to Murchison River, Kalbarri

Description: Mariners are advised that the outermost port hand navigational buoy at the entrance to the Murchison River, Kalbarri may be intermittently submerged and not visible.

  • Location: 27° 42.400'S, 114° 9.548'E.
  • Chart reference: Department of Transport Chart WA976 - Kalbarri.

Mariners are advised to navigate with caution when transiting the area.

Authorised by: Mark Briant Manager, Navigational Safety, Marine Safety Department of Transport.

  • Start date:
  • End date: Until further notice
  • Issued: 23/04/2018.

  Notice 2018-52: Installation of new port hand navigation aid, Entrance to Murchison River Kalbarri

Entrance to Murchison River Kalbarri

A new port hand, unlit, buoy has been installed near the entrance to the Murchison River and seaward of Oyster Reef, Kalbarri.

  • Location: 27° 42.400'S, 114° 09.548'E

Authorised by: Mark Beal, Navigation Aid Coordinator, Navigational Safety, Department of Transport.

  • Start date: 22/03/2018.
  • End date:
  • Issued: 22/03/2018.

  Notice 2013-78: Cervantes pile remnants

Caravan Park Beach, Cervantes

Mariners and swimmers are advised that the swimming platform in the gazetted boating prohibited area adjacent to the Caravan Park Beach (north of Talavera Road) has been removed by inclement weather leaving four (4) pile remnants.

These pile remnants are at times fully submerged just below the waterline.

  • Chart Reference: Department of Transport Chart DMH 422 - Cervantes

Mariners are advised to keep well clear of the above gazetted boating prohibited area and swimmers are advised to keep clear of the pile remnants.

Authorised by: Mark Briant A/ Marine Safety Operations Director, Marine Safety Department of Transport.

  • Start date:
  • End date:
  • Issue date: 31/05/2013.

  Notice 2011-98: Commercial fisheries, Mandurah to Geraldton

Various, Cervantes to Dongara

Mariners are advised that commercial fisheries for rock lobster and octopus are established in Western Australian coastal waters, along the coast from Bunbury to the Pilbara and from shore to the 200 metre isobath with areas of high activity between Mandurah and Geraldton, particularly in the region Cervantes to Dongara. Fishing is done using pots or traps sitting on the seabed.

Each fishery contains in excess of 30,000 pots which are marked by floats not less than 200 mm in diameter and coloured, usually fluorescent green. The floats are located on either end of a line of pots or on each individual trap. As the floats are small and unlit, a good lookout is essential when transiting the region.

The fishery is active throughout the year with operations conducted by licensed support vessels. Operators monitor Marine VHF Radio frequencies 74 and 78.

Mariners are advised to navigate with caution when navigating in WA coastal waters to keep well clear of all fishing operations at all times.

Authorised by: David Harrod FNI, General Manager, Marine Safety Department of Transport.

  • Issued: August 2011.

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