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Ports Infographic

Find out about the performance of Western Australia's ports, including key achievements and strategic directions.

  WA Ports infographic (2018/2019)

  Historical ports data

More information on the ports reform and the next phase of ports governance reform.

MAC_B_WAPortsHandbook2016.pdf icon Ports Handbook (2016) Kb
FRE_B_InfoGrafxWAPorts2018.pdf icon WA Ports Infographic (2017/2018) Kb
MAC_B_InfoGrafxWAPorts2017.pdf icon WA Ports Infographic (2016/2017) Kb
FRE_B_TradeVolumesWAPorts2017.pdf icon Western Australian Ports: Trade volumes (2016/2017) Kb icon Ports Handbook archive (2008 to 2015) Kb

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