On-demand transport publications by A-Z

Publications (A-Z) for on-demand transport services in Western Australia.

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  On-demand transport publications: A-D

Title Type Size Date
Assessing lease plate applications PDF 224 Kb 29-Aug-17
Association arrangement fact sheet PDF 332 Kb 27-Feb-19
Audit checklist: On-demand booking services PDF 457 Kb 15-Feb-19
Booking and levy records template - record keeping PDF 20 Kb 15-Apr-19
Common industry hazards self-assessment checklist Word 24 Kb 15-Feb-19
Compliance assessment notice: Decision regulatory impact statement PDF 571 Kb 11-Mar-19
Country taxi-car industry: new passenger transport regulations fact sheet PDF 377 Kb 28-Feb-19
Country taxi-car licence operating conditions (generic) PDF 108 Kb 21-May-18
Daily vehicle inspection checklist Word 161 Kb 15-Feb-19
Defined remote area of Western Australia map PDF 76 Kb 30-Jan-18
Disqualification offences fact sheet PDF 170 Kb 27-Feb-19
Driver and Vehicle Industry Dashboard (DVID) user guide PDF 2 Mb 25-Mar-19

  On-demand transport publications: E-H

Title Type Size Date
Electronic payment surcharge reduction (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF 167 Kb 25-Sep-15
Enforcement and prosecution policy PDF 1 Mb 16-Mar-16
Fatigue management: A code of practice for the Western Australian taxi industry PDF 312 Kb 31-May-17
Green Paper: On-demand Transport Reform - Consultation report executive summary PDF 391 Kb 17-Jan-19
Green Paper: On-demand Transport Reform - Discussion paper for future innovation PDF 2 Mb 30-Jul-18

  On-demand transport publications: I-L

Title Type Size Date
Information for taxi and charter vehicle drivers PDF 314 Kb 05-Feb-18
Information for taxi and charter vehicle owners and fleet managers: Metropolitan PDF 281 Kb 05-Feb-18
Information on voluntary buy-back for Perth taxi plate owners PDF 310 Kb 05-Feb-18
London taxi access features PDF 213 Kb 15-Dec-17
On-demand passenger transport Levy map PDF 456 Kb 18-Dec-18

  On-demand transport publications: M-P

Title Type Size Date
Direct debit request service agreement on-demand booking services - authorisation PDF 79 Kb 27-Feb-19
Multi-Purpose Taxi plate lease (sample) PDF 236 Kb 29-Aug-17
Odt reform: A guide for tourism operators PDF 1 Mb 26-Mar-19
Omnibus licence and account: Charter vehicle - Operating conditions (sample) PDF 894 Kb 07-Mar-18
Omnibus: Regular Passenger Transport vehicle licence policy PDF 108 Kb 06-Jul-16
On-boarding induction template Word 25 Kb 15-Feb-19
On-demand booking service (ODBS) authorisation user guide PDF 3 Mb 27-Feb-19
On-demand Passenger Transport Levy fact sheet PDF 265 Kb 14-Mar-19
On-demand Transport Reform: A better deal for drivers PDF 402 Kb 23-Aug-18
On-demand Transport Reform: Benefits of the reform PDF 360 Kb 05-Jul-18
On-demand Transport Reform: Frequently asked questions PDF 208 Kb 06-Nov-18
On-demand Transport standard proof of identity requirements - responsible officers PDF 133 Kb 12-Mar-19
On-demand Transport Standard: Certification of documents guidelines (Fact sheet) PDF 136 Kb 14-Aug-18
On-demand Transport Standard: Proof of Identity requirements (Fact sheet) PDF 134 Kb 14-Aug-18
Passenger Transport Vehicle Camera Surveillance Unit Standards 2019 PDF 497 Kb 13-May-19
Proposal for industry funded voluntary buy-back scheme of Perth owned taxi plates: Supplementary decision regulatory impact statement PDF 817 Kb 11-Mar-19
Proposal for regulation of the On-demand (taxi and charter) transport industry: Decision regulatory impact statement PDF 1 Mb 11-Mar-19
Purpose-built Taxi Trial: Final review and recommendations PDF 548 Kb 19-Apr-18

  On-demand transport publications: Q-T

Title Type Size Date
Odt reform: A guide for tourism operators PDF 1 Mb 26-Mar-19
Record keeping template: Charter and Taxi vehicles XLS 822 Kb 22-Aug-17
Regular Passenger Transport licence conditions (sample) PDF 483 Kb 31-May-17
Ridesharing and the Law PDF 67 Kb 06-Jul-17
Risk/hazard register template Word 27 Kb 15-Feb-19
Sample risk assessment matrix Word 26 Kb 15-Feb-19
Schedule 1: Metropolitan Taxi Vehicle Standards (Except PBT and MPT) PDF 121 Kb 28-Nov-18
Schedule 2: Purpose-built Taxi Vehicle Standards (PBT) PDF 191 Kb 29-Jun-17
Schedule 3: Taxi plate operating conditions - Maximum lease rates for metropolitan taxis PDF 43 Kb 02-Jun-17
Taxi plate operating conditions, Multi-Purpose Taxi leased (sample) PDF 586 Kb 31-Aug-18
Taxi plate operating conditions, Multi-Purpose Taxi owned (sample) PDF 585 Kb 31-Aug-18
Taxi plate operating conditions: Government lease (sample) PDF 355 Kb 24-Feb-17
Taxi plate operating conditions: Owned plates (sample) PDF 355 Kb 12-Aug-16
Taxi User Subsidy Scheme (TUSS): Guidelines PDF 1 Mb 31-Aug-18
Tour and charter fact sheet PDF 169 Kb 27-Feb-19
Training register template Word 25 Kb 15-Feb-19
Transport (Road Passenger Services) Act 2018: Summary PDF 581 Kb 15-Nov-18

  On-demand transport publications: U-Z

Title Type Size Date
User Guide: On-demand Passenger Transport Levy PDF 1 Mb 11-Apr-19
Vehicle maintenance fatigue management program PDF 371 Kb 06-Oct-15
Vehicle maintenance register Word 26 Kb 15-Feb-19
What is a responsible officer? (Fact sheet) PDF 103 Kb 31-Jan-19
What is an on-demand booking service? (Fact sheet) PDF 124 Kb 23-Aug-18
Work sheet/driver logs template Word 28 Kb 15-Feb-19


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