Our leadership team

Meet the Department of Transport executive leadership team.

Peter Woronzow: Director General

Peter Woronzow, Director General.Peter was appointed Director General in November 2021 and his experience spans more than 40 years. During this time he has had a significant role in several iconic Western Australian transport projects. As head of the Transport Portfolio, Peter is responsible for setting the strategic direction of transport for Western Australia, shaping the development of all major integrated transport plans and leading implementation of some of the state’s most transformational capital projects.

Iain Cameron: Managing Director

Iain Cameron, Managing Director.

Iain was appointed Managing Director in 2018. He has over 35 years of public service experience, achieving results for the community in education, public health, drug strategy, transport, roads and safety. As Managing Director, Iain is responsible for the wide range of projects, infrastructure, regulatory functions and services that the Department provides to enable a thriving community. Iain works to achieve better outcomes for our community through engagement, collaboration, partnerships and values.

Kate Wang: Executive Director, Office of the Director General

Kate Wang, Executive Director Office of the Director General.Kate has been leading the Department’s communications, Ministerial and government business, governance and audit and executive services activities since late 2014, ensuring strong coordination and collaboration across the Department and the Transport Portfolio. Kate has more than 30 years of State Government experience, having worked in policy and project roles for a range of agencies and Ministerial offices across the portfolios of transport, commerce and education.

Peter Parolo: Executive Director, Finance and Procurement Services

Peter Parolo, Executive Director Finance and Procurement Services.Peter is a Fellow of CPA Australia with more than 35 years’ financial experience. He has worked in diverse government agencies including Justice, Environment, Water and Transport where he started in the Ports executive role for the transformation program before starting in his role as Chief Financial Officer. Peter oversees the Department’s financial accounting, budgeting and strategy, procurement, fleet and leasing, and additional strategic investment planning activities.

Christian Thompson: Executive Director, Business Information Systems

Christian Thompson, Executive Director Business Information Systems.Christian leads the Business Information Systems team, providing strategic technology leadership and management to enable the Department to deliver world class licensing solutions for the Western Australian community. Christian has extensive experience managing ICT shared services, which he uses to provide charged services to support the Department’s business units.

Linley Crackel: Executive Director, Driver and Vehicle Services

Linley Crackel, Executive Director Driver and Vehicle Services.Linley has more than 30 years’ experience in delivering policy and legislative reform in the transport and road safety portfolios. She is responsible for the continuous improvement and delivery of the State’s driver, vehicle and occupational licensing functions to over two million customers. Driver and vehicle safety, customer data security and providing a positive customer experience are a key focus for Linley and the Driver and Vehicle Services business unit.

Justin McKirdy: Executive Director, Urban Mobility

Justin McKirdy, Executive Director, Urban Mobility.Justin has more than 30 years’ experience in road and transport engineering and planning. His experience includes a multitude of transport related roles across local and State Government in areas including design, project management, construction, asset management and planning. As Executive Director, Justin provides leadership in transport planning to achieve a transport system that is coordinated, safe and efficient that works for the people of Western Australia.

Chris Mather: Executive Director, Maritime

Chris Mather, Executive Director Maritime.Chris has over 25 years’ experience working in State Government agencies across key areas such as conservation, education, compliance, planning and emergency response. He joined the Department in 2014 in the role of Director, Waterways Safety and commenced as Acting Executive Director, Maritime in April. He leads the Maritime team to deliver integrated and intelligent marine safety services and coastal and maritime development to the Western Australian community.

Anne-Marie Brits: Executive Director, Freight, Ports, Aviation and Reform

Anne-Marie Brits, Executive Director Freight, Ports, Aviation and Reform.Anne-Marie leads the Freight, Ports, Aviation and Reform (FPAR) directorate that undertakes integrated transport strategy, policy, planning and programs to support sustainable freight systems, supply chains, ports and intrastate aviation. FPAR also develops, influences and delivers policy and legislative reform at the state and national level. Anne-Marie worked in socio-economic research, commercial banking and for the Federal Government before joining the Department.

Lisa Fanciulli: Executive Director, Regional Services

Lisa Fanciulli, A/Executive Director Regional Services.Lisa joined the Department in April 2023 to lead the Regional Services directorate that delivers the Department’s services to customers and stakeholders across regional and remote Western Australia. Lisa has extensive experience as a senior executive in several public sector agencies, most recently with the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

Brian Leveson: Director, Legal and Legislative Services

Brian Leveson, Director Legal and Legislative Services.Brian has more than 30 years’ legal experience and originally practised as a human rights lawyer in South Africa before emigrating to Australia in 2002. While initially serving as a Ministerial advisor, he requalified as a solicitor. Brian has been Director of the Legal and Legislative Services division for 12 years, during which time the Department has played an important role in significant legislative reform initiatives.

Isabeau Korpel: Executive Director, People and Culture

Isabeau Korpel, Executive Director People and Culture.Isabeau has over 20 years’ experience in executive positions within private and public sectors in various multi-national companies. She has helped organisations through leading and managing teams within the human resources environment, taking responsibility for culture, organisational transformation and enabling a future-ready workforce. As Executive Director, her focus is on ensuring that every employee belongs, can perform at their best and feel their actions make a difference to the community.

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