Overview, role and structure

Find out about the role and structure of the Department of Transport and partnerships with other agencies and the community.


The Department of Transport (DoT) has been operating in its current form since 1 July 2009 when the former Department for Planning and Infrastructure split into three new departments, one of which was DoT.

DoT is part of the Transport Portfolio, which also includes Main Roads Western Australia, the Public Transport Authority, METRONET, the Westport Taskforce, the Portfolio Strategic Projects Office, and the Office of Major Transport Infrastructure Delivery.

DoT integrates and enhances coordination of the State’s transport operations, regulatory functions, and planning and policy development processes to deliver a diverse range of specialist transport services that benefit and support Western Australians.

Services delivered to the community include:

  • vehicle, boat and driver licensing and regulation;
  • boating facility management;
  • marine safety regulation and education;
  • coastal infrastructure planning and project delivery;
  • on-demand transport regulation and reform;
  • transport and urban planning and coordination;
  • planning and improving bike riding and pedestrian infrastructure;
  • aviation regulation and reform;
  • freight and ports regulation and reform; and
  • marine oil pollution and transport incident response.

With more than 1,300 employees, DoT has the expertise to connect people and places to keep WA moving towards a safer, healthier, and sustainable future.

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  Our strategic intent

Empowering a thriving community

We plan and deliver transport solutions and services for the prosperity of all Western Australians. To do this, we are committed to the highest standard of integrity and accountability, and collaboration with all public sector agencies and other key stakeholders. Together, we are focused on delivering the State Government’s transport priorities for the community.

Our values

Empowering a thriving community

Empowering a thriving community is the Department of Transport's Purpose Statement. These are four words that describe why we do what we do.

It means the Department enables people to participate in activities that enrich their lives, connect them to family and friends and support their community. We do more than just give permission to people to drive a car or boat. Our Purpose Statement is supported by our Values. These are the guiding principles that reflect who we are and what we stand for.

Our values 

Our Values


Working together, we get things done. We share knowledge and resources as we work as a team to achieve our purpose and accomplish beneficial solutions with our colleagues and the community. We go out of our way to build professional relationships with our peers and colleagues across all roles and are quick to recognise and celebrate outstanding performances.


Looking after ourselves and supporting others. We create an inclusive, supportive and positive workplace for ourselves, each other and for the community. We value diversity and promote equity and inclusion. We tackle challenges head on, always with empathy, sensitivity and a genuine desire to resolve issues. And we recognise the importance of every person's emotional and physical safety.


Always open to possibilities. We are aware of and responsive to the changing needs of our community. We are curious, we try new things, and we support each other to grow. We challenge the status quo with creative thinking and fresh ideas. We're confident and are encouraged to be bold in the decisions we make and actions we take in service of the community.


Taking ownership, we deliver. We all have a part to play in making things happen. We are clear about our individual roles and we take ownership to deliver on our commitments. We make informed and transparent decisions and are responsible for our actions. We ask questions, share information, and seek and respond to feedback. We are aligned with our Values and uphold the highest levels of integrity.

  Structure of the Department

Director General - Mr Peter Woronzow
Director General - Mr Peter Woronzow

In order to integrate and enhance the coordination of the State's transport operations, regulatory functions and policy development processes, the Government appointed one person to head DoT, Main Roads WA and the PTA.  

Peter Woronzow, Director General

As head of the Transport portfolio, Mr Peter Woronzow is responsible for setting the strategic direction of transport for the State, shaping the development of all major integrated transport plans and leading the implementation of some of WA's most transformational capital projects.

Managing Director - Iain Cameron
Managing Director - Iain Cameron

Iain Cameron, Managing Director

Iain Cameron was appointed Managing Director of the Department of Transport in 2018.

Iain is responsible in leading the Department of Transport to deliver a diverse range of specialist transport services through engagement, collaboration and partnerships that integrate and enhance coordination of the State’s transport operations, regulatory functions and planning and policy development to achieve better outcomes for our community. 

Additionally, Iain chairs and contributes to boards and working groups locally, nationally and internationally.

  Structure of the Transport Portfolio

  Our Ministers

[DoT Image]
[DoT Image]

Honourable Rita Saffioti MLA

Deputy Premier; Treasurer; Minister for Transport; Tourism

Ministerial Office:

  • 13th Floor, Dumas House,
    2 Havelock Street,
    West Perth WA 6005
  • Phone: (08) 6552 5500
  • Fax: (08) 6552 5501
  • Email
[DoT Image]
[DoT Image]

Honourable David Michael MLA

Minister for Ports; Local Government; Road Safety; Minister Assisting the Minister for Transport

Ministerial Office:

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Honourable David Michael MLA, Minister for Ports; Local Government; Road Safety; Minister Assisting the Minister for Transport
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