Transport concessions

There are numerous Transport concessions available for driver and vehicle licence and taxi customers. Find out how to access information about concessions here.

  Driver and Vehicle Licensing concessions

You may be eligible to receive a concession of up to 100% on the fees payable for your driver and vehicle licence. For more information please refer to section on Driver and Vehicle Services concessions.

  • Community, religion and emergency services concessions.
  • Conditionally licensed B and C class vehicles.
  • Farming vehicle concessions.
  • Government vehicle concessions.
  • Holders of Centrelink/Veterans' Affairs Pension Cards and WA Seniors Cards.
  • Occupational vehicle licence concessions.
  • Vintage/veteran vehicle concessions.

  Taxi User Subsidy Scheme

The Taxi User Subsidy Scheme (TUSS) is a subsidy available to certain eligible people with disability travelling in on-demand rank or hail (taxi) vehicles. TUSS participants can receive up to 75% off eligible taxi fares. 

TUSS is an important part of the Department of Transport’s commitment to enabling safe, accessible and efficient movement for the economic and social prosperity of Western Australia.

Visit Taxi User Subsidy Scheme to find out about eligibility and how to apply.

  Regional Pensioner Travel Card

The Regional Pensioner Travel Card provides eligible pensioners with up to $675 a year towards the cost of fuel and/or taxi travel from participating providers.

The travel card will assist eligible pensioners living in country areas, who do not have access to metropolitan levels of public transport, access essential services.

For more information on how to apply, please refer to Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s page on the Regional Pensioner Travel Card.

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