Online hazard report form

Reporting a hazard is essential to the maintenance of cycling infrastructure.

Before you report a hazard


Prior to reporting a hazard using the online form below, please read the information provided on the Reporting a hazard or crash page.

  Online hazard report form

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City of Stirling reports should go directly to the City of Stirling website. There is no need to complete this form.

Reports to all other authorities may be made below:

Type of hazard        
Road  Shared path
Local Council or Department
Description of hazard
Road Bump
Sand on surface
Grass on surface
Broken Glass
Overhanging branches
Grab rail
Kerb ramp
Drainage grate
Traffic light sensor not responding
Caltrop or other thorns
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Boundary maps

AT_CYC_P_Cycling_hazard_map_controlled_paths.pdf icon Kb
AT_CYC_P_ReportHazardBoundariesMap.pdf icon Kb


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