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Principal Shared Path Expansion Program

The expansion of the Principal Shared Path network is a key action of the Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan.

  Principal Shared Path expansion program

An aim of the Department of Transport is to make WA a place where riding is a safe, connected, convenient and widely-accepted form of transport. Due to their versatility, Principal Shared Paths (PSP) are vital to encouraging the community to give riding a go. The paths can be used for long trips, but they are also suitable for less experienced riders and short trips, as well as for pedestrians.

The expansion of the PSP network is a key action of the Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan.

The priority PSPs up until 2023 will be within a 15 km radius of the Perth Central Business District with a particular emphasis along the freeway and railway corridors, due to high commuter demand. PSPs will be constructed along other routes as part of large infrastructure projects such as Northlink WA.

From 2023 to 2031 the focus will move to the areas beyond the 15 km radius of the Perth central area to provide greater connectivity for Strategic Activity Centres.

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  Fremantle Railway PSP

Grant Street to Victoria Street Station

Work to extend the PSP along the Fremantle railway line from Grant Street to Victoria Street Station has begun.

The 2.8 km project, which makes up the first two stages of the entire extension, will significantly improve connectivity and safety for local residents and visitors within the Town of Cottesloe.

Following completion of the first two sections, design and construction of the remaining two stages between Victoria Street Station and the Swan River will be progressed.

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  Midland Railway PSP

Success Hill to Railway Parade

Construction of the 230 metre gap along the Midland Railway PSP between Success Hill and Railway Parade in Bassendean  commenced in June 2020.

The path has been carefully designed in consultation with the Town of Bassendean and the local community to preserve valuable local trees.

The project has also been identified as a pilot Green Transport Route - an initiative that enhances path amenity through natural landscaping – and the Department has awarded the Town up to $50,000 to create a ‘Green Trail’ from Ashfield to Bassendean station to Success Hill station and Kelly Park. Planning for the Green Trail is underway.

When complete, the project will create a completely off-road continuous 12 km cycling connection from the Perth CBD to Midland.

AT_P_PSP_MidlandRailwayPSPTimeline.pdf icon Principal Shared Path: Success Hill to Railway Parade - Timeline Kb

  Mitchell Freeway PSP

Glendalough to Hutton Street

A new section of PSP is being constructed along the Mitchell Freeway between Glendalough Station and Hutton Street as part of the Mitchell Freeway southbound widening project.

The new 2.1 km section will complete an essential missing link in the Mitchell Freeway PSP making the route quicker, safer and more direct for people walking and riding.

Two intersection crossings will be removed and replaced with a completely off-road, continuous path and the section between Glendalough Station footbridge and Roberts Street will feature the first ever separated facility for riders and walkers on the PSP network, improving safety and connectivity to the train station.

Works will start south of the Glendalough Station footbridge and are expected to be completed in 2019.

The second missing link of the Mitchell Freeway PSP between Civic Place and Erindale Road is expected to commence construction in 2019-20.


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