Maps for bike riding and walking

Need some help to plan your journey? You can access handy maps of paths and trails near you to make it easier to plan to walk, wheel or ride.

Online journey planner

Check out the Your Move Journey Planner on your smartphone or computer to plan your next journey.
This interactive map helps you plan your trip with confidence whether you are walking, wheeling, riding or using public transport.

Path closures

Visit Main Roads to learn about closures and detours on shared paths around Perth.

Local trips

Local governments are increasingly making it easier for people to walk, wheel and ride in their local communities. Visit your local government’s website to see what you can find – from bike riding facilities and local maps to organised bike rides and pump tracks.

Your Move has also partnered with many local governments to produce a number of handy local area maps – check to see if your neighbourhood is featured.

Tourism WA

Visit Tourism Western Australia to explore a wide variety of opportunities to walk, wheel or ride in many parts of Western Australia. Use the search function to type in something that suits your needs.

Hiking and riding trails

Visit Trails WA to explore hiking and mountain bike trails in WA. You can search for a destination, then browse the map on their website to find your next adventure.

Downloadable maps

Historically the Department of Transport has produced a variety of downloadable maps highlighting paths and routes for walking and bike riding. Whilst some of these routes have changed slightly since publication, many people appreciate access to the previous maps (see documents below).

You may also find a handy local area map for your region, produced in partnership with Your Move and some local governments.

Metropolitan maps

Regional maps

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