WA Bicycle Network Grants Program

The Western Australian Bicycle Network (WABN) Grants Program is an initiative of the Western Australian State Government, administered by the Department of Transport.

  About the Western Australian Bicycle Network Grants Program

The WABN Grants program is one of the key actions detailed in the Western Australian Bicycle Network Plan 2014-2031 which sets out a framework for the provision of a safe and sustainable cycling network across WA. For more information visit the WA Bicycle Network Plan project page.

Funding is available to local government authorities in WA, for up to 50% of the total project cost, for the planning, design and implementation of bicycle network infrastructure and programs in accordance with State Government priorities set out in the WABN Plan.

Projects are encouraged to be spread over two financial years to facilitate high quality planning and design. To enable project staging, funding may be applied for in two consecutive financial years.

To see previous grant recipients and awarded projects please view the list or map below.

For more information about the WABN Grants please email WABN grants. To receive WABN Grants Program updates, you can subscribe here.

  WABN grants application process

Application rounds for the WABN Grants Program are run on an annual basis, however due to a comprehensive program review in 2021 the grant intake was suspended and funding was instead awarded to eligible projects on the reserve funding list for delivery in 2022-23 and 2023-24.  

The reserve funding list is made up of projects that met funding criteria but were waitlisted due to a shortfall in funds available for allocation. 

The program review was undertaken in 2021 to address recommendations from audits, advice in the Auditor General’s Report on Grants Administration 2021, feedback from previous grant recipients and program stakeholders, and sustained growth in funding demand. 

The next grant application intake will occur in 2022 for projects in 2023-24 and 2024-25.

  WABN Grants 2022-23 / 2023-24

As above, an application intake was not run in 2021 for projects to be delivered in 2022-23 and 2023-24. Instead, reserve projects from the previous round (2020) have been awarded funding. 

A full list of metropolitan and regional projects awarded grants can be found below.

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WABN Grants Program e-newsletters

  WA Bicycle Network Grants Program supporting documents and information

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