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Your Move is an active lifestyle program that helps people find simple ways to get active and connected. Your Move offers information and support to make it easier to get active.

  About Your Move

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Your Move is a Department of Transport program that helps people find alternative, active ways to get to and from work, school and around their local community. Your Move helps people swap a few car trips a week for walking, cycling and public transport by offering information and support tailored to their lifestyle to make it easier to find more ways to get there.

The program aims to reduce traffic congestion and improve the efficiency of our transport system while increasing physical activity, improving health and wellbeing of communities, and reducing environmental impacts from excessive car use. The program offers intensive integrated services to households, schools and workplaces in targeted areas in Perth and Peel, while also providing self-help services to all households, workplaces and schools across the region.

The intensive integrated services to targeted areas helps people to achieve their active transport goals through providing tailored information and resources as well as personalised coaching and feedback on progress.

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The declining rate of walking and cycling to school in Perth

Fewer Australian children walk and bike ride to school than ever before. 

Over the past 40 years the national rate of active travel to school has declined from 75 to 25 per cent. In Perth, the rate is as low as 20 per cent and one half of children travel to school by car despite living less than one kilometre away.

Prepared in consultation with state government agencies, industry representatives and peak bodies, this paper defines the problem of declining active travel to school in Perth and includes a summary of the benefits of addressing the problem, its underlying causes, and opportunities and challenges for reversing the decline.

Active Travel to School Roadmap

The Active Travel to School Roadmap aims to reverse the declining rate of walking and cycling to school in Perth.

Containing 24 initiatives, the Roadmap seeks to address key urban planning, policy, individual and social factors, and enable more children to walk, bike ride, scoot and catch public transport to school.

The Roadmap was developed by a dedicated Active Travel to School Working Group, which was established by the Bicycle Riding Reference Group, and has been endorsed by the Departments of Transport, Education and Health, the Road Safety Commission, the Western Australian Local Government Association and the Institute of Public Works and Engineering Australasia.

Delivery of the Roadmap will commence in 2023 and progress will be reported to the Bicycle Riding Reference Group.

  Your Move Stirling

We are currently partnering with the City of Stirling to deliver our successful Your Move program, which aims to get people walking, riding and using public transport more often. 

Your Move Stirling provides people who live, work and learn in the City of Stirling with information and support to live an active and connected lifestyle. 

The Your Move Stirling team are currently contacting people who live in the City to offer them access to this free community program. 

If you live in the City of Stirling, you can join the program today by visiting 


  Connecting Schools Grants 2020-21

DoT’s Connecting Schools Grants Program is aimed at improving bicycle access, skills and end of trip facilities at WA schools to encourage more families to get active on their way to and from school. 

Grant applications for 2020-21 are open until 31 December 2020. 

To be eligible for a grant, ranging from $799 to $15,000, schools must be participating in the Your Move program and complete a hand up travel survey at the start and end of the year.

The types of items that can be funded include bike racks and scooter parking, bike repair stations, bike shelters, bike and road safety education courses, wayfinding, and place making initiatives.  

For more information and to apply, visit the Your Move website and search “Connecting Schools”. 


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  TravelSmart programs evolve into Your Move

The TravelSmart programs began in response to the Metropolitan Transport Strategy (1995) findings that recognised continuing trends in car use were not sustainable and that demand for car use would have to be managed to maintain a liveable city. The programs ran for over twenty years delivering world leading behaviour change programs to households, workplaces, schools and local governments.

As part of the ongoing growth and evolution of the Department of Transport's travel behaviour change programs the TravelSmart programs have been refreshed and renamed to align to the award winning 'Your Move' program.

In addition to the program name change, the Your Move website makes it easier for all school, workplace and local government program participants to interact, share and use the new program resources.

Our friendly program team can answer your queries and offer their support. Contact us to find out more about Your Move.

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  Your Move, Cockburn's story

For a quick summary of what you can expect by getting involved, watch this short video from the last Your Move project in the city of Cockburn.

  Completed Your Move projects

Your Move Wanneroo

Over the last year the Your Move Wanneroo project worked with over 10,500 households across the City of Wanneroo to support and encourage them to find ways to get more active and connected.

Your Move Wanneroo snapshot

Your Move Cockburn

Your Move is an innovative physical activity and active transport program managed collaboratively by the Department of Transport and the Department of Sport and Recreation. In 2013/14 the Your Move Cockburn project was implemented with support from the City of Cockburn, HBF, RAC and the Public Transport Authority.

Project participants throughout Cockburn were offered individualised active lifestyle coaching, personal feedback and motivation, new transport infrastructure and community services.


  • Over 10,000 households were actively engaged
  • 5% reduction in car driver trips per participant (in total 410,000 fewer trips)
  • 6% reduction in car driver minutes per participant (in total 8.6 million fewer minutes travelled)
  • 10.5 minute increase in physical activity per participant per day
  • 11% of participants moved from insufficient to sufficient levels of physical activity
  • 96% of participants agreed to receive personalised coaching
  • 83% set a six-month goal
  • 61% set active transport plans
  • 86% had part or completely achieved their goal at the end of the project.
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