Commercial vessels

Find out everything you need to know about the safe and correct construction, modification and operation of commercial vessels for use in the navigable waters of the State and seas adjacent to the State of Western Australia.

Commercial vessel safety


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Find out about guidelines for safe operation of commercial vessels in Western Australia, such as operational limits and manning requirements.

Certificates of competency


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Find out about certificates of competency for commercial seafarers in Western Australia-who needs one, how to get one, and how to revalidate one.

Certificates of operations


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Find out how to get a Certificate of Operation for commercial vessels and the requirements.

Commercial vessel surveys


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Find out about Domestic Commercial Vessel surveys in Australia, including certificates of survey, initial and periodic surveys, exemptions and classifications.

Licensing, permits and exemptions


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Find out about licenses , permits and exemptions issued by the Department of Transport, such as marine pilots and National Law exemptions and other permits.

Commercial vessel fees


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Find out about fees and charges for vessel surveys, seafarer qualifications, commercial licenses and other services.

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