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HMA Maritime Environmental Emergencies

Find out about the roles of WA's Hazard Management Agency for marine environmental emergencies, the Maritime Environmental Emergency Response (MEER) unit and the State Response Team.

  Maritime Environmental Emergency Response (MEER)

The Department of Transport is the Hazard Management Agency for marine oil pollution incidents and maritime transport emergencies in Western Australian waters.

Our Maritime Environmental Emergency Response (MEER) unit protects our marine environment from oil pollution through:

  • Prevention.
  • Preparation.
  • Response.
  • Recovery.

The MEER's role is to:

  • Develop marine oil spill response capabilities.
  • Provide resources and support during response operations.
  • Maintain equipment to enable an effective response.
  • Develop and deliver appropriate training programs.
  • Assist ports and industry in developing marine oil spill contingency plans.
  • Provide 24-hour on-call support for marine oil spills.
  • Develop national networks to ensure WA is up to date with oil spill response techniques.
  • Maintain the Oil Spill Response Atlas (OSRA).
  • Raise community awareness about the impact of marine oil spills.

In order to pursue these aims, the MEER works closely with Commonwealth, State, local and private sector bodies.

  State Response Team

The Metropolitan State Response Team (SRT) is made up of front line marine oil pollution responders who provide guidance to other responders. In the event of a major incident, SRT members have the qualifications to effectively take on the role of team leader.

Members of the SRT are drawn from organisation with interests and responsibilities regarding marine oil pollution, including:

  • Government agencies.
  • Port authorities.
  • Industry.

The SRT was created out of the State Government's commitment to effective preparedness and response to marine pollution incidents.


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