Marine pollution

Find out about oil pollution, the plans and legislation for oil spills in Western Australia. Report any oil spills to our 24 hour hotline (08) 9480 9924.

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 Reporting marine oil pollution

Find out who to contact if there is an oil spill or other marine pollution incident in Western Australian waters, and what reports need to be completed.

 Marine pollution overview

Find out what the major causes of marine pollution are, such as oil, antifouling paints, detergents, garbage, noise and sewage, and what you can do to protect our coastal environment in Western Australia.

 Marine oil pollution legislation

Find out about legislation that applies to marine pollution in Western Australia, including the international MARPOL Convention, and federal legislation.

 National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies (NatPlan)

At the Commonwealth level, the National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies outlines the roles and responsibilities of states, territories and industry in managing oil spills and other marine environmental issues.

 State Hazard Plan

Find out about the State Hazard Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies which is developed and implemented by DoT.

 HMA Maritime Environmental Emergencies

Find out about the roles of WA's Hazard Management Agency for marine environmental emergencies, the Maritime Environmental Emergency Response (MEER) unit and the State Response Team.

 Oil spill contingency plans

Find out the various plans to manage and respond to oil spills, such as the Western Australian Oil Spill Contingency Plan and the National Plan for Maritime Environment Emergencies.

 Oil spill response and planning tools

There are a number of informative planning tools used in oil spill response. These tools assist in the determining of response priorities and decision making by providing information on the behaviour of oil, sensitive environments and model predictions.

 Oil spill response training

DoT's Maritime Environmental Emergency Response Team provides training including courses that award nationally-recognised units of competency delivered under auspice of Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Registered Training Organisation code 88033.
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