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Planning your trip

Find out how to plan for your boat trip, including what you need to bring and how to operate a boat trailer. Also remember to set up an emergency contact before your leave.

5 steps to a safe boating trip

Find out how to plan your boat trip including what to take with you, what the skipper is responsible for, passenger safety, weather, tides, trailers, checking the motor and taking enough fuel.

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Boat trailers

Find out what you need to know about boat trailers, including towing them and getting the boat on and off them.

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Logging on and off

Find out about making emergency contact when boating-making your trip details known and how to log on and log off.

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Use of boating facilities

Find out about the rules and policies regarding the use of Department of Transport run coastal and marine facilities.

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What to take with you

Find out what you need to take with you on a boat trip, including navigation charts, GPS, depth sounder, fire blanket, torch, first aid kit and fresh drinking water.

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Boating Exmouth

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