Boating rules and regulations

Find out the rules, regulations and speed limits you need to follow when boating in WA.

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 Boating rules in WA

Find out about the rules and regulations that apply to recreational boaters in Western Australia.

 Marine alcohol and drug laws

Find out about the risks of drinking alcohol when boating.

 Collision rules

Find out about the 'rules of the road' for powerboats and sailboats in Western Australian waters.

 Speed limits

Find out about boating speed limits in WA.

 Night navigation

Skippers should be prepared when boating at night to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

 Lights required on boats

Find out about navigation light requirements and placement.

 Navigation markers and buoys

Find out how to understand and use navigation aids in Western Australia.

 Pollution and sewage regulations

Find out about the environmental impact of sewage, and which zones allow vessels to discharge sewage.

 Protecting the marine environment

How to prevent pollution and protect marine biodiversity while recreational boating.
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