Rules, safety and guides

Find rules, safety advice and guides for boating and water activities in WA.

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 Boating rules and regulations

Find out the rules, regulations and speed limits you need to follow when boating in WA.

 Safety equipment

Find out about boating safety equipment, including lifejackets, flares, EPIRBs and marine radios.

 Water activity safety

Rules and safety equipment requirements for recreational water sports and activities, including diving, water skiing, tow-in surfing and personal water craft.

 Vessel safety and maintenance

Find out how to maintain and use your vessel safely.

 Boating behaviours and initiatives

Find out about our safety initiatives to ensure a safe day on the water.

 Boating guides

Our boating guides provide local marine safety information for popular waterways in WA.


Find out about current exemptions from marine safety legislation requirements.
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