Get my vehicle examined or moved

Find out how to get your vehicle examined and apply for a temporary movement permit.

Get a vehicle examined

You may need to get your vehicle examined in order to license it, remove a compliance notice (yellow sticker), or if your vehicle requires an annual examination. Find out how and where to get your vehicle examined in Western Australia.

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Get a temporary movement permit

A temporary movement permit allows you to move an unlicensed vehicle to be examined for the purposes of licensing or repairs prior to licensing. Find out more about temporary movement permits and how to obtain one.

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Metro vehicle examinations

DoT vehicle examinations must be pre-booked and pre-paid. To make a booking please call 1300 782 713 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm weekdays. Privately operated Approved Inspection Station arrangements vary.

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Regional vehicle examinations

The Department has authorised private businesses (Approved Inspection Stations) to provide vehicle examinations in regional centres and certain country areas.

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Vehicle examination fees

Find out how much it will cost to have your vehicle examined.

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  Vehicle Inspection System (VIS)

Vehicle Inspection System (VIS)

Log into the Vehicle Inspection System (approved users only)

Vehicle Inspection System (VIS)
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