Sell and transfer a vehicle (Dealers)

How dealers can transfer a licence when selling a vehicle.

When you sell a vehicle, you will need to transfer the vehicle licence to the new owner.

How to transfer a vehicle licence

To transfer a vehicle licence, you need to complete the Vehicle Dealer’s Notification of Change of Ownership (MR9B) form and mail the Seller’s Copy (the blue copy) to:

Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS)
GPO Box R1290,
Perth WA, 6844

You must submit the completed form within 7 days of the sale, or a $100 infringement may be issued.

When submitting the form, you must ensure: 

  • both you and the purchaser complete and sign the form
  • you forward or hand the Purchaser’s Copy (the red copy) together with the current licence papers to the purchaser.

Once the form is processed, The Department of Transport (DoT) Driver and Vehicle Services will invoice the purchaser for the vehicle licence duty and transfer fee.

Consignment vehicles

As a dealer, you do not need to notify DoT that you have been engaged to sell a vehicle on consignment.

You do not become the vehicle owner and will not be recorded as a previous owner.

As a dealer, when you sell a vehicle on consignment, you must complete the relevant sections of the Vehicle Transfer – Vehicle Dealer’s Notification of Change of Ownership (MR9B) form.

Make sure to tick ‘Yes’ in Consignment Vehicle section.

Only the dealer selling the vehicle needs to sign the form, not the consignor.

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