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Vehicle safety, standards and security

Here you will find advice on safety and standards related to drivers and their vehicles in Western Australia.

Important notice: Takata airbags

On 28 February 2018, the Australian Government announced a compulsory recall of vehicles fitted with defective Takata airbags. These airbags can misdeploy causing death or serious injury.

The Department of Transport is presently assisting the ACCC with the recall through the provision of information to owners, vehicle manufacturers and retailers, with Alpha airbags remaining the priority.

Take immediate steps to organise a free airbag replacement if you have been contacted. If your vehicle has an Alpha airbag and no action is taken, your vehicle licence (registration) will be cancelled. Drivers are also urged to check whether their vehicle is affected by visiting the Takata airbag recalls list on the  Product Safety Australia website.

Vehicle safety and standards

Under the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012, all motor vehicles used on public roads must be licensed unless exempted by the Act. If a vehicle fully complies with the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014, it will be licensed without special conditions.

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Immobilisers greatly reduce the chance of having your car stolen. It is compulsory to fit a Government approved immobiliser when you apply to license (register) or transfer a vehicle in WA. Find out if you require an immobiliser and how to get one fitted.

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Heavy vehicle safety

Here you will find safety guidance material and standards related to heavy vehicles in Western Australia, including safe load restraints, speed limiting, safe use of semi-trailers, compliance inspections, and where to obtain a National Driver Work Diary.

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Motorised wheelchairs

Safety advice on using motorised wheelchairs in Western Australia, including speed limits, where you can travel, modifications and other safety considerations.

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Seats and seat belts

Secure seats and seat belts are essential to travelling safely in most road vehicles. Here, you'll find information on vehicle seating and seat belt rules and regulations, as well as guidance on replacing or repairing seat belts.

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Towing, trailers, tilt-trays and caravans

Here, you will find information covering towbar standards and requirements for towing trailers and caravans, plus information relating to A Frame Towing and towing agricultural implements.

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Vehicles and the environment

The impact of vehicles on the environment is something we must all consider as our roads become busier and petrol prices rise. Here you will find useful information about alternative fuel options as well as standards to minimise air and noise pollution.

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Vehicle classes

Find out about the different vehicle classes and their eligibility requirements. Suspended or expired licence periods are not included when calculating your driving/riding experience.

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Vehicle maintenance checklist

Maintaining your vehicle ensures it is safe for you and your passengers, as well as other road users. Here you will find guidelines about maintaining a vehicle.

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