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Movement and Place

DoT is leading the Movement and Place project, working with Main Roads WA, the Public Transport Authority, the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and consulting with other key stakeholders to develop a Movement and Place framework for WA.

It is hoped this framework will be ready for implementation by mid-2021.

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  About Movement and Place

Movement and Place is an approach to planning and designing roads and streets that recognises their dual roles as transport corridors (movement) and destinations (place) in their own right.

  Why do we need a Movement and Place framework for WA?

Creating great places for West Australians to live, work and play is an important priority for the State Government. For Perth, this means creating a compact, consolidated and connected city.

A growing population will place greater demand to make better use of resources and infrastructure, including our streets, as more frequent use will highlight the competing demands for road space.

The movement and place roles of streets have traditionally been dealt with separately; therefore, complementary outcomes are not always achieved. This has resulted in movement and place being treated as two separate functions, leading to segregation rather than integration. 

Finding an agreed position between the competing roles and taking an integrated transport and land use planning approach to managing streets and roads will help resolve conflicting movement and place-based priorities when planning and designing streets and urban corridors.

  How the Movement of Place framework will be used

The framework will classify streets based on an agreed matrix, which will lead to better coordinated and more consistent urban planning across Western Australia.

The matrix system will classify streets by comparing their movement and place requirements. Once a classification is reached, street environments can then be planned, developed and operated according to this agreement.

As a decision-making tool, WAs Movement and Place framework will help settle conflict over the competing transport and destination roles of streets, avoiding the need to negotiate these functions during urban planning.

  Movement and Place project updates

DoT_P_Movement_Place_Project_Update_1.pdf icon Movement and Place: Project update 1 - December 2020 Kb

  Movement and Place fact sheets

PROJ_P_MovementandPlaceFactSheet1_thebigpicture.pdf icon Movement and Place fact sheet 1 - The big picture Kb
PROJ_P_MovementandPlace_EvolutionFactSheet2.pdf icon Movement and Place fact sheet 2 - The evolution Kb
PROJ_P_Movement_Place_Framework_FactSheet3.pdf icon Movement and Place fact sheet 3 - The framework Kb
PROJ_P_MovementPlace_Roads_Streets_FactSheet4.pdf icon Movement and Place fact sheet 4 - Roads and streets Kb
PROJ_I_Movement_Place_Movement_FactSheet5.pdf icon Movement and Place fact sheet 5 - Movement Kb
PROJ_P_Movement_Place_MovementFactSheet6.pdf icon Movement and Place fact sheet 6 - Place Kb


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