Perth parking management

We regulate and license non-residential parking in central Perth as part of a policy to manage congestion and provide a balanced and efficient transport network.

This page contains information on the management of non-residential parking in the Perth Parking Management Area (PPMA), and the Perth Parking Levy.

Please see the City of Perth website for information on residential parking, or the Visit Perth website for information on visitor parking.

How is parking managed in central Perth?

The Perth Parking Policy 2014 (the Policy) guides the development and management of parking facilities within the PPMA. The Policy is supported by the Perth Parking Management Act 1999 (the Act).

The PPMA includes the suburbs of Perth, East Perth, West Perth and Northbridge. A map of the PPMA can be downloaded below.

Under the Act, all non-residential parking bays within the PPMA must be licensed, with an annual fee paid where applicable. This fee is known as the Perth Parking Levy.

The Policy aims to reduce traffic congestion, increase pedestrian and rider safety, and improve the transport system for those travelling to, from and within central Perth.

Information for property owners and managers

The Perth Parking Management Regulations 1999 set out the parking licence fees. (Fees are not subject to GST.)

If you are the owner or the manager of a property within the PPMA, it is your responsibility to make sure you hold a valid parking licence. See the guide and frequently asked questions below for help with the licence application process.

If you have questions or need more information, please email

Perth parking management area fees

All parking bays within the Perth Parking Management Area are required to be licensed and, where applicable, pay a licence fee known as the Perth Parking Levy.
Fee type Fee
Fee per bay, per annum
Non-residential (tenant) parking bays $1,278.20
Long stay public parking bays $1,223.20
Short stay public parking bays $1,124.60
On-street parking bays $1,124.60
Motorcycle bays No fee

If you have 5 or less fee-liable parking bays on your property, you do not need to pay the Perth Parking Levy, but you must still license the bays.

See the Licensed parking in Perth guide for other parking bays that still need to be licensed but are exempt from paying the levy.

Who is responsible for Perth parking management?

Department of Transport

We administer the Act and make sure parking within the PPMA is licensed.

Our compliance officers inspect properties and collect information to enforce the Act.

For further information, please email


RevenueWA collects the Perth Parking Levy and administers the licensing system on behalf of the Director General, Department of Transport.

For enquiries regarding licence fees and/or payment, please contact RevenueWA on 08 9262 1223 or submit a web enquiry.

How are funds used?

Funds raised from the Perth Parking Levy are used within the PPMA to deliver transport initiatives and services that improve walking, wheeling, riding and public transport access, and help to reduce traffic congestion within the city such as:

  • the free Central Area Transit (CAT) bus service, including 18 new electric CAT buses
  • free transit zone for public transport
  • extensions and improvements to cycle paths
  • improvements to paths and access for pedestrians
  • road works to improve bus efficiency
  • contributions to other significant transport infrastructure and initiatives, such as the Perth City Deal

Funds raised can also be used to deliver other projects and services within the PPMA that support a more vibrant and attractive city centre, not including sporting or cultural events.

Better transport outcomes and an attractive and vibrant urban amenity benefit both Perth central area property owners and the people who live in, work, study and visit the city each day.

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