Perth Transport Model

We are building a new transport model to help with future planning, development, and management of urban transport in Perth.

Development of the new Perth Transport Model (PTM) is underway.

A transport model is a tool for understanding and assessing the likely impacts of changes in the drivers of transport, such as transport supply, demographics, or land use.

Transport modelling can help with decision-making about the future development and management of urban transport and land use systems.

There are currently two transport models used by the Western Australian Government:

  • Strategic Transport Evaluation Model (STEM), managed by Department of Transport
  • Regional Operations Model 24 Hours (ROM24), managed by Main Roads.

The new PTM will supersede both STEM and ROM24, to become the single transport model used by the Department of Transport, Main Roads, and the Public Transport Authority.

Moving to a single transport model will help ensure alignment and consistency across transport planning and infrastructure project decision-making.

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Page last updated: Thu Aug 24 2023 8:29:22 AM