Program overview

Find out more about the State Governmentís plans to help disadvantaged learner drivers get their driverís licence.

About the program

Many learner drivers in regional WA struggle to access appropriately licensed driving supervisors, instructors and vehicles to complete the requirements to obtain a driverís licence.

The Driving Access and Equity pilot program will help people become safe and employable drivers by supporting disadvantaged people to enter and participate in the licensing process and exit with a driverís licence. The program will generate localised solutions for localised barriers to obtaining a driverís licence.

Funding from the initiative has been used to increase the number of Remote Services officers employed by the Department of Transport in the Kimberley, Pilbara, and Mid-West.

These additional staff will increase the volume of remote visits the Department of Transport provides to remote communities as well as increasing the level of services and driver education that can be provided while in communities.

Funding will also be distributed through a grants program that will provide localised solutions for localised problems to help people become safe, employable drivers


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