Westport: Port and Environs Strategy

A long-range vision for Perth and the surrounding regions' freight, trade, logistics and defence needs.

  About the Westport Strategy

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For 120 years, the Port of Fremantle has played a leading role in shaping the physical, commercial and social environment of Western Australia.

It is now WA's largest general cargo port, operating from the Inner Harbour in Fremantle and the Outer Harbour in Kwinana.

The port, which handled $26 billion in trade in 2016-17, is the gateway for most of the imported goods used in the homes and businesses of all Western Australians. For our exporters, it is a vital link to world markets.

To ensure the State's future trade needs are met, well-planned port facilities are essential.

The Westport: Port and Environs Strategy will provide guidance to the Government on the planning, development and growth of the Port of Fremantle at the Inner and Outer Harbours, the required rail and road networks, and the potential for the Port of Bunbury to contribute to the handling of the growing trade task.

The Westport Taskforce Steering Committee, which includes Directors General from six government departments, the Chair of the Western Australian Planning Commission and the Chairman of the Fremantle Ports Board, will oversee the project.

In September 2017, Nicole Lockwood was appointed as the independent chair to lead the Taskforce which will be supported by a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary project office.

Many people are interested in the planning and development of the Outer Harbour, and wider freight network and we are interested in hearing their views.

Consultation and continuous communication will be integral to the development of the Westport Strategy and will occur across each of the key stages.

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  Westport governance structure

The Westport governance structure promotes a collaborative approach to project oversight. It identifies a Taskforce comprising:

  • The Westport Taskforce Steering Committee, reporting directly to the Minister for Transport; Planning; Lands, to oversee the development and delivery of the strategy.
  • The Westport Taskforce Reference Group to provide a pool of specialist advice and industry input so that up-to-date information may be readily accessed, and to provide a mechanism for ongoing consultation.
  • A Westport Taskforce Project Office drawn from five key State Government agencies. The Project Office will be supplemented as required by representatives from other relevant Departments and the procurement of external technical expertise.
  • Work Streams to undertake technical work around; land use and transport planning, port planning, staging and commerce, environmental planning, communications and engagement with additional skill sets being identified as required.

Westport governance structure

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  Westport events


Technical consultants briefing - 6 February 2018

A briefing session for prospective environmental, engineering planning and other technical consultants was held on Tuesday 6 February 2018. The purpose of the session was to provide the market with an outline of the State Government procurement process that would need to be followed should any consultants be required to provide further technical expertise to the project team.

In his first public address as Westport Project Director, Tim Collins provided the 130 attendees with an overview of the Westport project, the progress made to date and the scope of works needing to be undertaken. Tim's presentation is available below.

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  Westport image gallery

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  Westport publications

To ensure stakeholders and the community have a chance to put forward their views during the development of the Westport Strategy a number of formal feedback opportunities are planned during the two-year process.

Discussion papers and consultation reports related to the development of the strategy will be made available here.

The final Westport: Port and Environs Strategy will be presented to the Minister for Transport; Planning and Lands in late 2019.

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  Westport project updates

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