Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Rebate

The Zero Emission Vehicle Rebate Scheme (the rebate) is a financial incentive to encourage the purchase of zero emission vehicles as part of the Government's Clean Energy Car Fund.

Read this page for information about rebate eligibility, how to apply and how applications are processed. 

Visit the Zero Emission Vehicle Rebate FAQs webpage for more information about the rebate.

ZEV rebate statistics

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Total rebates paid: 


Total amount paid:


*Data current as of 31 May 2024 

WA Government expands ZEV rebate scheme

As part of the 2024-25 State Budget, the WA Government has announced an additional $5.2 million investment to meet expected demand for the ZEV rebate. 

The ZEV rebate scheme was previously available to the first 10,000 applications for eligible vehicles licensed in WA, or for three years following the announcement (Saturday 10 May 2025), whichever comes first. With this additional investment, the application cap has been removed, and all applications will be accepted until midnight on Saturday 10 May 2025.

Since the announcement of the rebate scheme in May 2022, sales of electric vehicles have significantly increased. This increase has been reflected in ZEV scheme application numbers.

Media Statement: Government to expand successful EV rebate scheme

About the Zero Emission Vehicle Rebate Scheme

The Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Rebate Scheme (the rebate) is a financial incentive to encourage the purchase of zero emission vehicles as part of the Government's Clean Energy Car Fund. Zero emission vehicles are vehicles powered solely by batteries or hydrogen fuel cells that do not emit greenhouse gases. 

Hybrid vehicles (including plug-in hybrids) emit greenhouse gases and are therefore not eligible for this scheme.

The ZEV rebate scheme will provide you with a $3,500 rebate (via an electronic funds transfer to a nominated Australian bank account) after purchasing an eligible vehicle and submitting an application form to the Department of Transport (DoT). 

Applications for the rebate will be accepted until midnight, Saturday 10 May 2025.

Which vehicles are eligible?

To be eligible for the rebate, the vehicle must:

  • be a zero emission vehicle and be fully powered by batteries or hydrogen fuel cells; 
  • be a light vehicle (vehicle with a gross vehicle mass of 4.5 tonne or less), including:
    • light passenger vehicles, such as sedans, hatchbacks and sports utility vehicles (SUVs);
    • light commercial vehicles; and 
    • light trucks.
  • be granted a vehicle licence in WA on or after Tuesday 10 May 2022;
  • have a maximum dutiable value (external link) of $70,000 or less; and
  • be brand new and never previously been registered or licensed in Australia or overseas.

The rebate is not applicable to:

  • used vehicles;
  • heavy vehicles; 
  • hybrid vehicles (including plug-in hybrids);
  • motorcycles; 
  • mopeds;
  • motor carriers; and
  • non-road use vehicles (such as quad bikes, golf carts, agricultural machines, or other off-road machines).

The rebate aims to target the most common types of vehicles that provide private and commercial transport.

Is the rebate available for dealer demonstrator vehicles?

Only the person or organisation that first licenses the vehicle is eligible to apply for the rebate. Therefore, if the dealer has licensed (registered) the vehicle for demonstrator purposes, only they can apply for the rebate. 

Purchasers will need to speak to the dealer and clearly establish whether the dealer demonstrator vehicle is already licensed.

If the dealer has licenced the vehicle, purchasers should seek for the rebate to be taken into consideration in the purchase price.

If the dealer has not licenced the vehicle, the purchaser will be eligible to apply for the grant when they themselves license the vehicle.

Why is the rebate necessary?

Western Australia (WA) has a goal to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The electrification of transport is one of the key measures that will help us achieve this. 

Vehicles have a long service life – the median vehicle age in WA is 11 years. It is important to prioritise the take-up of zero emission vehicles in WA as soon as practicable to help ensure that we reach our net zero goal. One way we can increase take-up is to offer financial incentives to purchase these vehicles.

Visit the Sectoral Emissions Reduction Strategies page (below) to read more about how the WA Government is shaping our low-carbon future.

WA Government: Sectoral Emissions Reduction Strategies

How can I apply for the rebate?

To apply for the rebate:

  1. Complete the Application for Zero Emission Vehicle Rebate (E120) form.
  2. Make sure you have the required documentation to submit with your form:
    • a copy of the Vehicle Licence and Motor Injury Insurance Policy for the vehicle you have purchased; and
    • a copy of your bank statement showing the nominated bank account name and number (individual applicants); or
    • a letter on company letterhead signed by the organisation’s director stating the nominated bank account number (business applicants).
  3. Submit your completed form and required documentation to the Department of Transport via:
    • Email:
    • Mail:
      Attention: Zero Emission Vehicle Rebate Scheme
      Department of Transport
      GPO Box R1290 Perth WA 6844

If you require assistance completing your application form, please call 13 11 56 or email

How will the rebate be paid?

Successful applicants will receive an electronic funds transfer to their nominated Australian bank account. This money will only be received once the vehicle has been licensed and the application processed. 

How long will it take to process claims?

Rebate payments may take up to 4-6 weeks to process.

DoT needs to process and verify the eligibility of each application for the rebate. 

If you would like to know how your application is progressing, please email

Rebate FAQs

Visit the ZEV Rebate FAQs webpage for more information about the rebate.

Where can I get more information?

If you have any general queries about the rebate, call 13 11 56 or email

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